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Initially, when the United States joined the Allied forces, efforts were put forth to incorporate the soldiers amongst British and French troops, where they would be trained. Knowing this would result in a lowering of national pride in the United States, the Americans refused this role, and began the task of training the soldiers, once they had arrived.

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World war 1 what did the soldiers do in Egypt?

they trained and prepared themselves for the battles they were about to face in the first world war

Is royal marines training hard?

One of the Most hardest military trained Forces in the world FULL STOP

How the USSR entered World War 2?

USSR entered WWII on 22 june, 1941, when Germany military forces attacked USSR without formal declaration of war.

During which war was the German Shepherd the trained dog of the Allied Forces popularized by traveling troops?

World War II

Why are Muslim countries in this part of the world?

Islam started in these parts. The Muslim traders, merchants, missioneries and forces entered these areas first.

Was the us armed forces prepared on the eve of World War I?

The US joined World War 1 only in 1917 - three years after the war broke out.

How many police forces in world?

The Police and Police Force were invented by the British and there are police force's in every country in the world. As for the best i would have to say Hong Kong police force as they were based/trained by British S.A.S special forces.

In what ways was the Soviet Union not prepared for the German invasion?

Even though it had the largest army in the world , its troops were neither well equipped nor well trained.

Was the US prepared for war in World War 1 and why?

Going into it, no. US armed forces lacked the training and experience needed to hold their own.

Has England got the best fighting force in the world the SAS?

The United States special forces trained along side with the SAS in it's early years. Remember that this country is much younger than England these forces had more centuries of training but I never go along with reaching a side in what force is superiour. The best trained forces have it's up and downs no matter what country it's from.

What year did the US entered world war 1?

The U.S. entered World War I in 1917.

How did Britain stand alone in World War 2?

By 1940, German forces had overrun most of Europe except for Britain. No other country was prepared to become involved in what was seen as a European war. Therefore Britain stood alone against the very powerful German forces and spent the time re-arming and retraining its armed forces. Nothing much happened until December 1941 when Germany declared war on the USA and they entered the war. Britain was no longer alone.

How did the Japanese attack Singapore in World War 2?

The Japanese entered Singapore via the Causeway from Malaysia. This caught the British off-guard as the British always prepared for a war from the seas.

What country has the best trained soldiers in the world?

The best trained soldiers in the world are either the Israelites or the Canadians(?).

How did US get prepared for world war 1?

They weren't prepared@@@@@@@@@@@@

Religious view on how evil entered the world?

Sin entered the world when Eve took a bite from the forbiden fruit.

Are Royal Marines some of the best trained soldiers in the world?

No, they are some of the very best trained Marines in the World.

Who was President before America entered World War I?

Woodrow Wilson was preident when America entered world war 1.

What did the US bring to World War 1 when they entered?

People want to believe the US sent a large amount of troops who were well trained at the beginning of World War 1. That is a myth. There were only a small number who arrived in France and they were not ready for any battle of any type. They had to be trained while they were in France. Other soldiers joined them later in the hundreds of thousands and they were better trained. They did not bring any upgraded or updated weaponry with them at the beginning of the war too.

What major county switched sides in World War 2?

The Soviet Union switched from the Axis Forces to the Allied Forces when the Nazi Germans killed 20 million people in their nation. They did have their revenge on the Nazis when they entered the Eastern Front to destroy the Nazi's Germans.

What is a sentence for the word enlisted?

You have enlisted my help in creating a sentence using the word enlisted. When the US entered World War II, many young men enlisted in the armed forces.

Why did America enter the war in Europe when it did?

In the two most recent, most dreadful, wars in Europe - World War I and World War II - America entered 'late'. In World War I, which began on 28 July, 1914 - the Americans entered the war when their Expeditionary Forces arrived on 3 May 1917. The reason given for America joining was the Germans attacks on American neutrality by way of attacks on international shipping. In World War II, which started on 1 September, 1939 - the Americans entered the war in Europe (after Pearl Harbour, the Germans joined Japan in declaring war on America). The first American forces arrived in Europe on 26 January, 1942.

How were Australian soldiers trained in world war 1?

They were taken overseas, to Egypt where they trained.

Where does Pakistani commandos rank in the world?

Out of all the commandos in the world 25. I know suprising but they are trained but they are way better special forces in the world.. Top 10 RUSSIA, USA, Britain, France, North Korea, South Korea , India,China,Pakistan.

How death entered into the world and became a wage of sin?

When Adam and Eve ate the apple.