World War 1

How were American soldiers the most help to the allied effort?


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American soldiers supplied much need fresh troops to the Allied effort. They were vital to the Hundred Days Offensive, the final military operation of the war, which forced the German Empire to finally surrender and end the war.

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by sewing socks for soldiers

because molly did know what to do and the american soldiers helped molly

American Soldiers came to Britain in World War II to help out.

the home front's where in many allied countries including britan, U.K and new zealand.The homefronts were where the men and women back at home help out in the war effort by taking in children during the blitz, by aiding then wounded and sick soldiers and giving food to the starving soldiers

Because it gvw them more soldiers to fight with the north

Thousands of African American women did fight in various ways as organizers, activists, nurses, cooks, camp workers and occasionally as spies or soldiers.

The Russian Revolution weakened the Allied war effort. Russia pulled out of the war, so the Allies needed help.

Americans made victory gardens to grow their own food leading to more food for the soldiers. Hope it helped. :D

Twenty nine Navajo men created a code to help the American war effort in world war two. The code was never broken by the Japanese. The Navajo women worked in factories, planted victory gardens, and took over the mens general duties while the men were at war. The women volunteered for red cross. They gave away practically all the natural resources they had to help the war effort, they were given nothing in return. Not all Navajo soldiers were code talkers some were general soldiers.

Russia pulled out of the war, so the Allies needed help. The Russian Revolution weakened the Allied war effort.

they helped because they would fight with the north and that would get them more soldiers.

The Battle of Dunkirk. British soldiers were evacuated by the Royal Navy and by private fishing boats and Yachts which were commandeered to help the evacuation effort. Tens of thousands of British soldiers were evacuated and avoided being cut off from the rest of Europe by the German Blitzkrieg, which charged right through Belgium and into France.

the woman around that time help alot in the war effort. they help create uniforms, bombs, artillery, tanks. they helped fix planes and ships and guns. they cooked and cleaned and entertained and nursed sick or wounded soldiers back to health.

Clara Barton started the American Red Cross to help wounded American soldiers during war.

The Americans were allied with Estonia,China and New Zealand

was created in World War One to help the allied cause. This let citizens get a bond to help support the military effort. After the war was done, you get have your bond redeemed for what you bought it for and interest.

There were many ways Americans helped the war efforts. At some point, people would let soldiers live in there houses, women would work in factories to help war production, and many would give up the nylons they wore to help the effort.

Samuel was sort of neutral, but at the same time he had the urge of wanting to help the American soldiers.

Soldiers' Angels was founden in 2003 and the main purpose is to help and comfort american soldiers and veterans. The organisation is know helping hundreds of thousands soldiers worldwide.

A lot. The most obvious is the tank, which as well as attacking enemies, shielded foot soldiers from machine gun fire which was killing a lot of Allied soldiers.

They train the policemans and the soldiers. They also feed and look after peoples and sometimes they protects them from all attacks from enemies. In Afghanistan Americans and French soldiers help to build building,bridge, schools and drilling with their governments and spend money to help the local peoples

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