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No Jobs and poor treatment

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Q: How were Jewish women treated in World War 2?
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How were Jewish pregnant women treated in world war 2?

They and their babies were killed.

How were Jewish Americans treated during World War 1?

Jewish Americans were not treated any different during World War I.

How were women treated during World War 1?

They were treated very poorly

What jobs did Jewish women have in World War 2?

Jewish women didn't have jobs because they were in concentration camps.

How were women treated after world war 2?

Dependent on the area of the world, women were treated from complete respect and inclusion to total disdain and social outcasts!

How were women treated in war world 2?

No Jobs and poor treatment

How were women treated before World War 1?

They were not able to vote i think

How were Jewish girls treated in world war 2?

they were treated horribly, as everyone else the Nazis did not like. they were taken from their homes and sent to ghettos and concentration camps with little or no food.

How were Jewish children treated during World War 2?

they were put in camps called consintration camps. they were often separated from their families. many of the women would have to stand in front of the guards naked to get "over looked" or beaten.

Were girls and boys treated differently during world war 2?

Yeah, women were treated like dirt during world war 2. Men thought we were useless. But we can fight! (Not that I want to.) Good thing we have respect now.

How did the role of women become so important in World War 1?

the women were important in many ways one is that they treated the wounded. hi Gary

What did women and minorities gain during World War 2?

They got better jobs than what they had before and after the war they were treated a little more equally.

How was shellshock treated in World War 1?

it was treated by the peoople getting a break from war

Why were Jews treated so badly in World War 2?

At the bottom line it can only be cited as bigotry and intolerance. _____ The Nazis were determined to destroy what they called 'Jewish Bolshevism': they saw Communism as Jewish.

How did women get treated at work in World War 2?

With respect, really. Women basically won the war for us. They produced all of the ammunition we used, along with the weaponry that we used to win the war. Overall, the men had the fighting spirit, and the women had the productive spirit.

How was Germany treated after World War 2?

They were badly treated

Did Norwegian women fraternize with the Germans in World War 11?

Some fell in love if that is what you mean. When the war was over however they were treated badly, even their children.

What was the jewish movement in World War 2 called?

The Jewish Movement in World War 2 was called Armie Juvie.

How were World War 1 veterans treated when they returned home?

When the world war veterans came home they were treated Ike herooes

How were women treated during ww1?

They were treated because they did not have to go and fight in the war they just supported there family

How were World War 1 POWs Treated?

they were not treated very well

How many Jewish men women and children were killed by the end of World War 2 in 1945?

Approximately 6 million, i believe.

How did jewish families get treated in world war 2?

Those living under German occupation suffered greatly. Those living under the allies endured no different treatment to that which they had before the war.

Was the Jewish holocaust in World War 1 or World War 2?


How was Jewish women treated in world war 2?

Well for one, they were treated like crap. Do you want examples? They were rapde, flipped upside down and used as ash trays, beaten, abused, kicked, punched. God forbid she was pregnant, because then she would be used for experiments that usually hurt/aborted the baby, and killed the mother.