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During World War II, Mexicans faced some job discrimination in areas from those who were white and needed work. However, due to the draft, there were plenty of job openings.

Mexicans were taken back to Mexico....but you'll see Mexicans are going to take over the U.S. in a few years.

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Q: How were Mexican Americans treated during World War 2?
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How were Jewish Americans treated during World War 1?

Jewish Americans were not treated any different during World War I.

How did the Mexican Americans contribute during World War 2?

The Mexican Americans contribute during world war 2 because of a program called Bracero and that's how they contribute during world war 2.

What did Mexican Americans do in World War 1?

Mexican Americans migrated to America to work as steel workers during World War I. They soon began to take jobs in agriculture.

What role did Mexican Americans play during world war 2?


How were the expriences of African Americans Mexican Americans and Japanese Americans similar during World War 2?

i cant i need it -Eli

Which group was treated harshly by the us government during world war 2?


What other nationalities besides Native Americans and Blacks served the US during World War 2?

Japanese American, Mexican Americans, Philipino Americans, etc.

Were any groups of people from the US treated unfairly during world war 2?

Japanese Americans , Blacks , Hispanics, Women, German Americans, Italian Americans

How were the Japanese treated during World War 2?

Japanese-Americans were forcibly relocated into what were , essentially , concentration camps .

Which of the following true about African Americans during world war 2?

blacks were not treated equally within the military

Which woman was opposed to the way Japanese Americans were treated by their government during world war 2?

no clue man

How were African Americans treated in World War 1?

AnswerAfrican Americans were treated bad and they had racial protest against them

How were German Americans treated during World War 1?

Many Americans of German descent during both WW1 & WW2 changed their names to sound more American. US citizens of German descent in WW1 were often treated with hostility and not trusted.

How were African Americans in World War 2 treated differently than white men?

I dont know much but i know that they were treated worse and much more strict. African Americans had more jobs and duty's to perfrom during world war two.

During World War 2 what did many Japanese Americans do?

they were fare civilians but could been racist at and treated badly

Which groups was treated badly by the US during World War 2?

Japanese-Americans who were compelled to enter into relocation camps .

What is the official position of the US government concerning the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War 2?

The U.S. government acknowledged that the Japanese Americans were treated unfairly.

How did world war 1 affect Mexican Americans?

they immigrated to america as steel workers during WW1 and gained emoloyment in agriculture

Describes the Japanese Americans interned during the war?

During World War II, Japanese Americans were treated extremely unfairly. Specifically, President Roosevelt signed an executive order which called for all Japanese Americans in the US to be rounded up and moved into camps.

How were women treated during World War 1?

They were treated very poorly

What were the effects of World War 2 on women African Americans and Japanese Americans?

The women and African Americans gained more respect and rose the ranks in society. They had more opportunities to excel. The Japanese Americans however (since Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and was there enemy) were treated with disrespect and put into camps. They were unfairly treated by America during this period.

What events show the persistence of racial tension during World War 2?

CORE Congress of racial equality. African Americans in the military, Mexican Americans in wartime and the Japanese Americans in the War effort: Japanese American Citizens League.

What hardships did the japanese-americans have during World War 2?

The japanese-americans were treated poorly in the internment camps they were forced to go to. Their homes and businesses were abandoned and in many cases they lost everything.

Many Mexican Americans who migrated north to take factory jobs during World War 1 settled in their own separate neighborhoods called?


What was the treatment of Japanese Americans during the World War 2?

Most of them were put into a concentration camp during the war. The conditions were poor, not as bad as in Germany, but still bad. They were treated like enemies.