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WWII men fought the good war. Vietnam returnees were treated as losers.

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WWII vets returned to parades and cheers. Viet vets had to hide or fight (with their fists) upon their return.

In general, they were treated as outcasts and demonized by many whom they encountered back here in "the world."

Nurses treated soldiers in world war one...

WWII veterans were heros; Vietnam veterans were treated with contempt.

There are many laws that treat men and women differently. How differently they are treated and in what ways they are treated differently differs depending on what part of the world you're in. In most modern western countries, the differences are not as noticeable. While in other parts of the world -especially the middle east- women are often abused by the laws and have few rights.

they were unknown soldiers from world war 1, world war 2, Vietnam war, and the Korean war

Approximately 2,594,000 US Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Soldiers, and Goast Guardsmen, fought in country, during the Vietnam War.

They had to wipe the butts of the white soldiers, and be sex slaves to white soldiers who wanted to get off.

they treated them with low respect and did not even like them they treated them like scum

Harry Houdini saved money and donated it to help the wounded soldiers after world war I

WW I 10% WW II 50% Vietnam 70% Iraq 90% Scary, isn't it? Used to be soldiers killing soldiers; now it's soldiers killing innocent civilians like you and me.

Treatment of Returning VeteransWW2 veterans were respected by the public, Vietnam veterans and were looked down upon by the public, mostly because the media was where it shouldn't have been. Untill several years latter of course, now the veterans of Vietnam are respected as well WW2 Veterans were greated with parades. Vietnam Veterans as well as Vietnam Era Veterans were spat at and called 'baby killers'.

They treated the US soldiers terribly.

it was very very bad the soldiers were beaten up and ill treated

Not only did different people respond in different ways, but people were treated differently also.

some werent treated because they didnt make it but others were treated by bandages and other things but im not that smart so you know yayayayaya

happy to come home to see there family from the war .

African Americans were still treated with discrimination and prejudice, so they served in racially segregated units.

Their was not a lot they could do so some soldiers died by it Their was not a lot they could do so some soldiers died by it

He taught that if you are black or white you should be able to have a voice in the world and not be treated differently because of your race.

They were all treated differently and poorly by the white people.

Yeah, women were treated like dirt during world war 2. Men thought we were useless. But we can fight! (Not that I want to.) Good thing we have respect now.

US Infantryman (US Foot Soldier), Vietnam War. In World War II US foot soldiers were called "dog faces." In World War I US foot soldiers were called "doughboys."

The cast of No Unwounded Soldiers - 2007 includes: Frank Attruia as Vietnam veteran Grace Bell as World War II veteran Edward Borucki as World War II veteran George LaBounty as Vietnam veteran Mary Lou Lauricella as Drama Therapist Lewis Mungo as Vietnam veteran Al Perrault as Vietnam veteran Janet Rilance as Sister of Vietnam veteran Robert Timmins as Iraq veteran