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How were World War 1 and World War 2 similar and different?


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May 31, 2011 1:19AM

The foundations for WW2 began in WW1. When the treaty was signed in 1918 it didn't allow Germany to form an army and they had to pay for the damages they caused to the other nations. This resulted in high taxes and inflation on the German people which allowed a person like Hitler to take control. He spoke about the unfairness of the rest of Europe against the people of Germany and how German lands were taken away and given back to France. He used this when he took control to build an army and to institute laws that gave him the powers that would lead to the invasion of Poland in 1939. Some of the main differences between the two wars is the advancement of technology in arms and weapons. In WW1 the first use of the plane was developed for war, but by WW2 Hitler was developing a jet. There was a 20 year difference between the two wars so they almost can't be compared. WW1 was fought mainly in trenches with a "no mans" land between the two fronts. Gas was also used in WW1 and by WW2 it had been outlawed. The tanks in WW1 were just developed and were rather crude compared to the WW2 tank. The battlefields of WW2 were fluid and often included large areas of forest ( Battle of the Bulge) and cities and towns. Bombs were used for mass destruction in WW2 and the atomic bomb was developed during the war. The Allies were very worried that Hilter would develop and use the atomic bomb before anyone else could develop one. WW2 also comprised of two fronts. Not only was Europe a war zone, but there was also a war in the Pacific. As you can see the differences were greater than they were similar.