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How were airplanes used as weapons in World War 2?

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so that we could attack at all angles and bomb them by air

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Was world war 1 the first time airplanes were used as weapons?


What were the main weapons in World War I?

The main weapons used for world war 1 happen to be the muskets, poisonous gas, airplanes, and sniper rifles

What were the new weapons used in world war 1?

Mustard gas, Tanks, Airplanes

What are the new 4 weapons used in World War I World War 1?

Airplanes, poison gas, machine guns and tanks.

Name two weapons that were used for the first time in world war 1?

mustard gas and airplanes

Which weapons were used the most in world war 1?

The most dramatic weapon they used was machine gun, explosives, and airplanes..

What were three new weapons used in World War I?

New weapons used during World War 1The new weapons that were used during World War I were:tanksairplanesgas (phosgene, mustard, chlorine)German submarinesMachine Guns was one of them.submarines with torpedoes (submarines were used long before)

Airplanes in World War 1?

300,020 airplanes where used in world war 1

When were weapons first installed on airplanes?

During the First World War

How were airplanes used in World War ONE?

They were used to spy on there enemy becuase getting weapons or explosives on them would be to heavy to carry on them.

Equipment used in the Battle of Somme- World War 1?

Some of the equipment used in the Battle of Somme in World War 1 was tanks and airplanes. This was unique as it was the first time these weapons had been significantly used in the war.

What were the new technology used in world war 1?

Automatic weapons, new tactics, airplanes, tanks, trenches, chemical weaponry.

What is the purpose of airplanes during World War I?

Airplanes were mostly used as Spy Planes in World War 1.

What were some of the new weapons used in world war 1?

Tanks, u boats, airplanes, faster machine guns, toxis gases.

Were cannons used in World War I?

Yes, they were used to shoot shells of chemical gases into other trenches but other weapons used during World War 1 included Military Airplanes, Machine Guns, Tanks, and submarines

When were airplanes used in world war 1?

Airplanes were used from the beginning of the war. Most militaries had an air branch when WW1 started.

Where were airplanes used during World War 1?

there were no airplanes in the word war 1. __ The use of airplanes in the military pre-dates WW1. Airplanes were used for recon, bombing missions and fighters.

List 7 new weapons that were used in World War 1?

machine guns, airships, airplanes, anticraft gun, poison gas, and tanks

What were the most common weapons in world war 2?

machine guns, tanks and airplanes (shoots missles)

What did the women do in the factories in World War 2?

They made weapons,munitions, uniforms, tanks, airplanes, ships.

How many weapons were used in World War 2?

In world war two over 200 weapons were used because of all the people in that war.

What date were the first airplanes used in World war 1?

Airplanes in World War One were invented in 1914 where drastic changes were made in technology.

What were the theories of the use of air power in World War 1?

Before World War 1, airplanes were used for recreation. However, during World War 1 airplanes were used for reconnaissance and spying on the enemies. Airplanes were also used as fighter jets and as bombers. Airplanes changed warfare greatly and allowed for blitz attacks and air warfare.

Why where weapons used in World War 2?

It was a war.

What where airplanes used for in war world 1?

Reconnaissance flights