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Q: How were children treated in the Puritan society?
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Related questions

How were children and adolescents treated in puritan New England?

the children were treated like adults

How were puritan children treated?

hit it nd quit it.! but ray jus keeeps it goinn. LAWLZ

When was puritan society ORGANIZED?

the puritan society was organized in the late 16th century

What is the government of puritan society in america?

The Puritans maintained a Society Government in America. They placed emphasis on education of children and strong household leadership in families.

How long did the puritan society last?

The Puritan society lasted because people in the society worked together maybe if they were in bad times though. The Puritan society lasted because people in the society worked together maybe if they were in bad times though.

What was the Puritan term for their holy society?

puritan "covenant"

How did the Salem witch trial affect the puritan society?

It made everyone loose fAith and trust in younGer children.

How were unmarried Puritan Adults treated in Puritan New England?

They were expected to live with a family.

How were women treated during the puritan era?

They were treated as subordiante or second-class citizens.

What jobs do Puritan men do in modern society?

Puritan Men had to wash dishes.Sometimes they had to farm and sometims they had to Preach the lords word.Some Puritan Men had to baby sit there children while the women worked in the farm or barn.

What is the role of school in your society?

to ensure children are getting proper education and to ensure that children are been treated fairly

How were the puritan women of 1692 treated?

badly lol

How are are children treated in today's society?

Society children are being spoiled now more than ever. They have excessive privileges. It alsmost seems they shoul dot be bothered over anything.

What was puritan society organized around?

puritans society was organized around the family

Who could vote in Puritan society?


Erase the earlier Puritan distinction between the elect and the other members of Puritan society?

Half-Way Covenant

How is puritan life?

Puritan life was very strict and religious. In the Puritan colonies the families attended church every Sunday and this was mandated. The Puritan children had rules and chores within the family.

What role did women play in the puritan society?


What Society of Massachusetts Bay colony?

Strongly Puritan

What did the puritan children wear?


What kind of society did the puritans want to create?

A puritan (obviously) society in which life was centered around community and teh church. A puritan leader famously called it "a city on a hill," so it would be the perfect Christian society for the rest of the world to see and imitate.

Who was banned from Puritan society in the 17th century?

Anne Hutchinson

What were the demands of behavior for the colonists of Puritan Society?

odination of women

What did puritan children wear?

Puritan children wore clothing that was simple. Boys and girls wore similar clothing. It was made of lightweight fabric, and was not constricting. It was designed so children could move freely, and effortlessly.

What did puritan children play?

They played with TURNIPS