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How were civilians affected by casualties in World War Two?

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January 27, 2010 4:57PM

In WWII there were actually more civilian casualties than armed forces casualties. Many children lost their entire family. Millions of families lost their sons, brothers, fathers, cousins, uncles or other relatives. Mothers were hit hard when they lost many of their offspring and their husbands too. Some families did not have a body to bury because the bodies were destroyed or buried in some far off war ground. The cost of losing over 50 million people during WWII was staggering. I am not just referring to burial costs. I am referring to the loss of income earning citizens of the world and the loss of future babies who would never be born. There was also the loss of six million Jews in this world. It also affected governments to lose that much population around the world. The sadness from the casualties will not die off. They are remembered and honored around the world. Hopefully, we will never forget them or ever allow a megalomaniac like Hitler rise to rule or let another nation conduct brutal warring practices.