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In WWII there were actually more civilian casualties than armed forces casualties. Many children lost their entire family. Millions of families lost their sons, brothers, fathers, cousins, uncles or other relatives. Mothers were hit hard when they lost many of their offspring and their husbands too. Some families did not have a body to bury because the bodies were destroyed or buried in some far off war ground. The cost of losing over 50 million people during WWII was staggering. I am not just referring to burial costs. I am referring to the loss of income earning citizens of the world and the loss of future babies who would never be born. There was also the loss of six million Jews in this world. It also affected governments to lose that much population around the world. The sadness from the casualties will not die off. They are remembered and honored around the world. Hopefully, we will never forget them or ever allow a megalomaniac like Hitler rise to rule or let another nation conduct brutal warring practices.

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What were the total estimated Allied casualties in World War 2?

The total allied casualties of world war two with civilians and military goes up to 39,963,700 compared to the axis casualties of 48,231,700.

How many civilians killed in World War 2?

Well, over sixty-million people died during World War 2. Two-thirds of them were civilians so you can say that the best estimate would be around forty-million civilian casualties.

Which war has had the most Russian casualties?

World war Two, Russian had over 10million casualties.

How were people affected by Battle of Stalingrad?

There were two ways, displacement and death. Death of course from the battle itself onto civilians and soldiers. During the battle, soviets had 1.1 million casualties and the Axis had 860,000. Out of the lot, around 25,000-40,000 civilians were killed. Displacement is where the locals flee the city to somewhere more peaceful or just being homeless until something good happens.

How many casualties did the Italians have in World War 2?

aproximitley TWO GAZILLION!

Which two countries had the most casualties during World War 2?

China & the U.S.S.R.

How is the relationship between gene and finny a microcosm of the outside world?

Gene and Finny are two character in the John Knowles novel, "A Separate Peace". The constant battling created casualties, just as war does, and has repercussions that affected Gene throughout his life.

In which World War two battle was there the most casualties and how much?

Depends on how you calculate the casualties. Some Japanes defenses were virtually 100% dead ! On the eastern front there were huge battles such as Kursk & Stalingrad.

What were two largest group of civilians killed by the Nazis?

1. Jews. 2. Russian civilians.

How many casualties were in the war of roses?


How many deaths were there in the Boston massacre?

Three civilians were killed during the incident. Two civilians died after the incident, and 11 were wounded.

How many Australian casualties were there in the Vietnam war?

Army casualties in Vietnam were 413 KIA/DoW, two MIA, 2026 WIA, 64 non-battle deaths and 999 other casualties

How many people did submarines kill in world war 1?

They were responsible for the Lusitania disaster, which was no accident but a deliberate torpedo attack- casualties in four figures, and drawing the US indirectly into the war two years later, as Americans ( civilians mainly) were passengers lost in the Ship sinking, which was understood to be a sub attack, as stated and not any form of accidental impact- like the Titanic.

How did the vietnam war affect the civilians?

US civilians were concerned about being drafted. Vietnamese civilians were trying to stay out of the military's way. They were trying carry on with their lives, without getting caught between two opposing armies.

How many innocent civilians were killed in the Vietnam war?

About two million.

Which two Japanese cities targeted by US atomic bombs suffered massive casualties that led to the Japanese surrender in world war 2?

hiroshima and nakasaki.

What were two main ways World War 2 affected life in the US on the home front?


How was world war 1 affected by medicine and disease?

World war one and two were largely affected by malaria and the quinine possession. So the wars were less fought between soldiers and more between soldiers and malaria.

How many civilians died in the Vietnam War?

Between two and five million.

What are two ways Arab traders affected the Islamic world?

Two ways Arab traders affect the Islamic world are they come to trade and they go back w/ the religion of the Islams!

What casualties did Japan suffer after the US dropped two atomic bombs?

a lot

Why was attacking civilians becoming more popular during world was two?

It was the concept of total war. Massive use of aerial attack and the lack of bombing accuracy was in part to blame.

Was US in World War 2?

The United States was deeply involved in World War Two. In fact, the United States lost over 700,000 soldiers in that war. Actually, US casualties were around 405,000, NOT 700,000.

What is an example of how Germany was affected after World War 2?

for study island Germany split into two separate states. MINECRAFT

What affected America in 1945?

World war two ended in 1945 which lead to many different change in America's culture.