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the ghettos came before the final solution

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The Final Solution was not implemented in 1941. By the time of the Final Solution most of the ghettos had been cleared and the inhabitants murdered.

The Final Solution required that people be deported from the ghettos to the extermination camps.

The early stages could be considered the establishment of the Aktion Reinhard camps and the clearing of the ghettos, though these could be seen as a precursor to the Final Solution (depending on whether you consider them to be part of the Final Solution or not).

because they were one of the main causes of the Holocast. With the ghettos being so over crowded, the Nazis had to create their 'Final Solution'.

Hilter did not dicide what to do to the Jews so he took them to GETTO where then they where send to the Final place concentration camps

They were not really, they were pre-existing infrastructure which was utilised in part. Extermination camps were the main part of the final solution.

Gradually, the ghettos were 'liquidated' - that is, emptied and shut down as the population was moved to extermination camps. The last big ghetto, Lodz (Poland), was liquidated in August 1944.

the final solution was to eliminae the Jews form the face of the earth

The final solution was a fundametal change in Nazi policy towards the Jews. Up until that point the Nazis had either deported Jews or placed them in Ghettos or concentration camps and used them as forced labour. With the final solution the Nazis actively pursued a policy of deliberate murder of Jews on an industrial scale.

Hitler was the one who ordered the final solution, being that all Jews be killed.

No, the Final Solution was Hitlers plan to get rid of the Jewish people. Concentraion camps.

First segregation in ghettos, then relocation to work camps or outside of Germanies territories, then instead of relocating, the final solution.

The holocaust ghettos got liquidated because of Hitlers idea of " The Final Solution" This idea was that all Jews should be completely erased from the surface of the world. The people in the ghettos were taken from the ghettos usually on trains to the Concentration camps where they were forced to do manual worked, gased, burned,shot or experimented on. ------------------------------------- They were liquidated because the time for their usefulness had passed. Enough people had died, there were no more people to re-populate the ghetto, the real estate could be put to better use. ____ The Nazis never intended the ghettos to be permanent. They regarded herding Jews into ghettos as a kind of interim measure - certainly not as the Final Solution. Yes, there was also the point about real estate. After the Warsaw Ghetto had been liquidated, part of the area was cleared and a concentration camp was built there, mainly for Poles who didn't co-operate with the Nazi occupiers.

In terms of the Nazi Ghettos which were used in World War 2, the Nazi ghettos (which were nearly all in Poland) was to gather Jews together, make them work for the Germans, and ulimately to kill them. They were in effect 'holding points' pending the last stage of the 'Final Solution'. The Ghettos were formed when the nazis coquerd poland and converted areas into conditons which accepted the nazis and they were called Ghettos.

Hitler's Final Solution was to eliminate the Jewish population. After segregating the Jews into ghettos and then into camps, working and starving them to death did not kill enough people quickly enough, a more permanent solution was required, this was the deliberate and rapid murder by means of the gas chambers.

to keep the jews all in one area so when they decide if they want to go through with "Final Solution" it would be an easy kill.

The ghettos were made to make the 'Final Solution' quicker and more efficient. They were transported to ghettos so they couldn't run away, their actions were monitored, and it would be easier to get everyone from one place than to go looking around when it was time for deportation.

Basically the Gestapo were not used. They were responsible for helping round Jews up or arresting other undesirables, but this was part of their normal duties as policemen, not part of the Final Solution.

The ghettos was getting too overcrowded so another solution had to be found for what to do with the Jews.

the bits about eliminating the Jews.

Traditional ghettos were seen as permanent places for Jews to live (separated from the rest of the population). The Nazis, on the other hand, saw the ghettos as temporary - as staging posts in the Final Solution. The last 'traditional' Jewish ghetto - that in Rome - had been opened (liberated) in 1870. The Nazis reintroduced ghettos for Jews in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia in 1939-41 and deliberately kept the food and water supplies inadequate.

Ghetto's were made in order to contain the Jewish population. The ghetto's were a stage of Hitler's final solution where he assessed the Jewish population before hailing them off to death camps.

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the ghettos were made to localize the Jews, it wasn't the final solution, witch was extermination, but it separated the Jews from the Arians (Germans). it was a way to strip the Jews of their rights, because they couldn't come or go as they pleased. there were ALOT of people forced to live in small areas.

The final solution ended in 1945

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