How were guns invented?

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Originally, gunpowder was used in Chinese weapons called fire lances. They were bamboo tubes filled with powder which was lit to shoot out flames and sparks to burn and scare the enemy. Someone noticed that particles were ejected from these tubes and decided to try and eject a more solid projectile.

The rest is history.

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What year where glue guns invented?

The first practical glue guns were invented in 1982.

Who is the inventor of the guns?

china invented gunpowder i read somewhere they invented guns too

When did guns reach china?

Guns did not "reach" China.It was the Chinese people who invented Guns. The first guns were invented around the year of 1132 (Song dynasty).

When was machine guns invented?

The first machine gun was the gatling gun, invented in 1861 There were a variety of multi barrelled guns invented prior to this, but they are not considered to be machine guns.

What year where guns invented?

It depends on who you ask, but the first guns were believed to have been invented in about 1450.

Who Invented laser guns?

the laser was invented.....

Are there guns in Skyrim?

No, there are not any guns in Skyrim. It is based in medieval times where guns were not invented.

Why was gun shooting invented?

During and after guns were invented.

When was guns invented?

the 1200s by the chinese

When was guns and roses invented?


When were first guns invented?


Who inevented the Nerf guns?

I think the Parker brothers invented Nerf guns.

Who made whippet guns?

Whippet guns were invented by Orrin Porter Rockwell.

What year were guns made?

around the 17 hundreds :) It depends on what guns you are referring to. Guns were first invented in the 1300s.

What year were airsoft guns invented?

Airsoft was invented in japan in the 1970s

Why where bombs and guns and things that kill people invented?

bombs and guns were invented to kill people so they get rid of the people that they dont like.

When were guns first invented?

Firearms (guns) did not exist in the prehistoric age. Firearms did not exist in ancient times. In fact, it was originally the Middle Ages when firearms (guns) were invented. During the Middle Ages, the Chinese invented gunpowder in the 9th century A.D. (800s A.D.). Then the Chinese invented firearms (guns) in the 14th century A.D. (1300s A.D.) during the Middle Ages. It was the 14th century A.D. in the Middle Ages when the Chinese invented firearms (guns).

Why guns shouldn't be banned?

Guns shouldn't be banned because it wasn't guns which started violence ,violence started way before guns where invented.

Who invented the field guns and cannon?

blacks did

What are machine guns mainly invented for?

They were mainly invented for world war I in 1914

How many soldiers were employed to start a machine guns?

It wasn't soldiers who invented machine guns.

When was airsoft guns invented?

Airsoft guns and airsoft itself were invented in the early 1970s by japan since it was hard to obtain real firearms which is what led to airsoft.

When was the last gun invented?

New guns are invented all the time. They haven't stopped

Why was rifle invented?

The rifle was invented to let people aim and shoot guns farther.

What is something about guns?

Guns have dramatically effected the effectiveness and outcomes of wars since they have been invented without guns we would not win wars

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