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Germany was a civilian run Dictatorship. Civil liberties for the masses were non existent.

The press and radio were censored and otherwise controlled. Free speech was not allowed. Of course, Jews (and Jehova's witnesses) were not allowed to practice their religion, although otherwise, religious freedom was allowed. Freedom from random searches, freedom of assembly, and other American civil liberties were also denied.

This said, compared to the Soviet Union, Germany was a model of civil liberties. At least the rule of law applied to most citizens in Germany. There were honest trials for criminal matters. Private property was in the vast majority of cases, protected.

In the USSR even these few rights were stripped from society. All property right down to the smallest garden plot was state owned. Every cow, every auto, every apartment - all state owned. Religion was suppressed with churches bulldozed, priests arrested and services broken up. Persons were arrested and sent to work camps for no reason other than to terrorize those left behind. The brutality of the Soviet military is well known and does not need repeating here.

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Q: How were human rights treated in Nazi Germany?
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Can you list human rights in Nazi Germany?

There were no human rights in Nazi Germany.

Examples of human rights violations time and place of Jews in Nazi Germany?

THE HOLOCAUST!!!! In Germany!!! WW2!!!

What human rights were violated in Nazi Germany?

In Nazi Germany, human rights that were violated were freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom of protest, and the freedom to buy and sell certain goods. The only way to be accepted was to be a Nazi and a strong follower of Adolf Hitler.

How were the undesirables treated in the Nazi Germany?


How were the handicapped treated in Nazi Germany?

They were killed

How were the Jews treated in Nazi Germany 1936?

Jews in Nazi Germany were treated very poorly. The were beaten, sent to concentration camps, their businesses were burnt down and many were killed.

What were Nuremberg law?

The Nuremburg law, enacted by Nazi Germany, declared that Jews are not human beings and hence have no legal rights.

How were Aryan children treated in Nazi Germany?

very bad

How were Jews treated in nazi Germany?

Badly Starved, Beaten and Murdered

How were infertile women treated in Nazi Germany?

Many citizens of Nazi Germany were treated extremely poorly. They were usually put to death or in concentration camp. The treatment was no different for infertile women who were thought to be harmful to society.

What rights did Jewish people have in Nazi Germany?

as far as i know,none

How did Nazi Germany slowly start to stigmatize and marginalize Jewish people 2. How did Nazi Germany progress stripping of human rights away from marginalized people?

This is an essay assignment and we don't write essays for students. I would suggest you do a Venn diagram to sort out the details.

What is one specific effort that was made for the human rights violation for Jews in nazi Germany?

There were Red Cross inspectors. (i do not really understand the question - i hope this helps)

What was the primary motivation for campaigns promoting human rights during the 20th century?

To prevent atrocities like those experienced by Jewish people in Nazi Germany

Were German citizens treated then same way as the Jews were?

People who were not Jews were treated differently than the Jews in Nazi Germany. Some of the Jews were German citizens but they were treated as Jews.

Who ruled over Nazi Germany?

The Nazi party led by Adolf Hitler ruled Nazi Germany. That is why it is called "Nazi" Germany.

How were homosexuals treated in Nazi Germany?

not very well --- They were persecuted and sent to concentration camps, where many of them were murdered.

How were the disabled treated in Nazi Germany?

Disabled people were considered "undesirable" and they were sent to concentration camps to be eliminated.

How were gypsies treated in Nazi Germany?

The 'gypsies' (Roma/Sinti) were persecuted and later large numbers of them were killed.

How did Jews earn a living in Nazi Germany?

They didn't. The Jews had no rights while the Nazis ruled Germany. They did not even have the right to live.

Why did the position of the Jews worsen in Nazi Germany?

Because the Nazis decided the Jews had no rights and were to be exterminated

What are some rights that Hitler took away from Jews in Germany?

Jews had no rights of any kind, in Nazi Germany. They had the same legal status as an unwanted form of animal life, such as cockroaches.

How were jews dehumanized in Nazi germany?

They were naked, unfed, unclean, and treated like dirt! How can these nazis be so heartless?

What relationship did Hitler have with the Nazi Germany?

He was the leader of Nazi Germany .

How were Jews in the USSR treated prior to World War 2?

They were treated like human beings because the USSR were in the Allies side but the occupied Nazi terrotory in the USSR, The Jews in nazi occupided terratory was sent to concentration camps