How were jet engines used in World War 2?

They were used primarily in fighter planes. The speed gained from jet engines made them more effective against slower bombers, since they were harder for gunners to track.

By the very end of the war, the Luftwaffe was fielding a jet in its Me262 and the RAF followed with the Gloster Meteor. Both of these (and the better-known DeHavilland Vampire) were developed too late and weren't deployed in large enough numbers to be able to judge their combat effectiveness accurately. Given their potential and their superiority over the technology of the day, it's likely that jet aircraft design would have advanced much faster in the post war years had the war lasted another year. pertaining to the above. If the Germans invented the jet engine during the war, it is most likely they would have won......They were never used in actual fighting during the war. They were still in the experiential stages.