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How were jews dehumanized in Nazi germany?

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They were naked, unfed, unclean, and treated like dirt! How can these nazis be so heartless?

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The Nazi government had dehumanized the Jews by constantly portraying them as subhuman animals.

Hitler decided to gas the Jews in nazi Germany

The Jews were murdered, not sterlized.

Jews were made to wear the yellow stars to identify them as Jews in Nazi Germany.

Answer this question… Nazi propaganda dehumanized Jews by comparing them to animals

Between 1933 and 1941 the US accepted about 250,000 refugees from Nazi Germany. Obviously, this figure includes non-Jews as well as Jews.

they were taken to a place in Germany where they had to work for the Nazis

The Nazi persecution of the Jews had almost nothing to do with religion. It was about 'race' and 'the Jewish spirit' (whatever that is).

Jews in Nazi Germany were treated very poorly. The were beaten, sent to concentration camps, their businesses were burnt down and many were killed.

Jews began leaving Nazi Germany soon after the Nazis came to power in 1933 - three years before the 1936 Olympics.

They were sent to concentration camps. :/

Ghettos were created to house the Jews. They were not in Germany though.

German Jews faced a variety of serious problems in Nazi Germany. Specifically, they faced extreme discrimination, and many Jews were forced out of business due to Nazi boycotts. Eventually, Jews were attacked openly in the streets and were rounded up and thrown into the camps.

Because the Nazis decided the Jews had no rights and were to be exterminated

Nazi philosophy said that Jews were the cause of all problems in Germany.

They didn't. The Jews had no rights while the Nazis ruled Germany. They did not even have the right to live.

They were to do this to because it was said they were to be dehumanized

Badly Starved, Beaten and Murdered

Eventually they were murdered by the order of Hitler.

There were roughly 2,594,600 Jews living in Nazi occupied Europe in 1939.The Second World War began on the 1st of September 1939 (although some important events occurred earlier), and Germany had invaded very few countries by the end of the year (indeed, only part of Czechoslovakia and Poland, which were invaded in March and September respectively). Nazi Germany had also annexed Austria in 1938.Just before occupying Bohemia-Moravia (part of Czechoslovakia), Nazi Germany also forced Slovakia to declare its independence and ally itself with Nazi Germany; so although the Slovak Republic was not actually a Nazi country, Nazi Germany held such influence over it that it was essentially a Satellite State. For this reason, it is included in this calculation of Jews living in Nazi Europe in 1939.In 1939, there were approximately 234,000 Jews in Germany (as defined by the Nuremberg Laws), 60,000 Jews in Austria, 305,000 Jews in Czechoslovakia, and 2,019,600 Jews in Nazi occupied Poland.

the amount of Jews that left Germany were about 100,000 to 200,000, but not all of them made it

There was no must about it at all. The Nazis choseto treat the Jews as a problem.

Nazi propaganda portrayed them as vermin, thus dehumanizing them in an attempt to rationalize the Nazi crimes against them.

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