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How were kids disciplined in the 1940's?

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Are boot camps for kids safe?

Boot camps are safe because they are provided with safe people to train your kids to be disciplined.

How did the roman kids get disciplined?

they got killed nah just kidding I don't lnow

Why can kids be so wild?

they need to be disciplined! or maybe they have adhd or something #2 answ: SUGAR

What were rules for the kids in the 1960's?

The kids were disciplined and there was less trouble, one rule strictly kept was that girls returned by sunset home.

What did kids in the 1940s play or play with?

wooden barf bags made by jim bob

How can judges be disciplined?

Of course, no matter who you are, you can be disciplined.

What chores did kids do in 1940s?

The kids went to school and when they got home the boys helped their father work. While the girls helped their mother in the kitchen.

How do use disciplined in a sentence?

He disciplined his unruly child.

What is the comparative form of the word disciplined?

more disciplined

Are violent video games bad for kids?

it depends on whether or not they are disciplined. i have a nephew that is not very well disciplined and he plays violent video games and seems to be violent quite often. i have another nephew that is disciplined that plays violent video games and is a well behaved child. it might also depends on the age. at certain ages children copy things they see and hear and they might be violent after watching violence. my nephew that is not disciplined is 7 and the disciplined one is 6 so discipline does make a difference

What were the kids born between late 1940s and early 1960's called?

The baby boomers.

What is the ISBN of Disciplined Minds?

The ISBN of Disciplined Minds is 0847693643.

What was education employment like in the 1950's?

teachers disciplined their kids by hitting them with rulers, a cane, slipper, or just by plain slapping

Why was Michelle Obama disciplined as a lawyer in Illinois?

Neither of the Obamas has been disciplined.

Can bossiness be disciplined out of a child?

Yes, bossiness can be disciplined out of a child at a tender age.

How do you use the word multi-disciplined in a sentence?

Athletic cross-trainers are multi-disciplined. Martial arts practitioners are often multi-disciplined.

What was education like for kids in 1940s?

Basic Education. Like what we learn today. Still tests, no computers, not different actually!

Form a sentence using disciplined word?

The key to Lombardi's success was his disciplined approach to the game. I'd like to be more disciplined when it comes to saving money. Are children who are harshly disciplined better behaved than those who're not?

Was josephus description of the roman army disciplined and dedicated to duty?

Was his description disciplined and dutiful.

How were students disciplined at school in Ancient Mesopotamia?

They were disciplined with the rod, whip, lashes, and ostracism.

What was the Jewish population in the 1940s?

what was the Jewish population in the 1940s

A sentence for disciplined?

Example sentence - Learning to do your homework before play time takes a disciplined approach.

Population in 1930s-1940s?

In the 1930s there were about 131,000,000 people living in the United States. In the 1940s this number increased to about 134,000,000.

What rhymes with disciplined?


What were the qualitites of a good roman soldier?

Good Roman soldiers were disciplined and obedient. If they did not follow orders, they were severely disciplined.