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How were other countries involved in the Holocaust especially the United States?


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the usa went in the camps; after discovery by Russians.many ss guards were shot

then it was Nuremberg trial.


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Untied States was one of the many countries whom at at first did not help during the holocaust

The countries affected were:GermanyAreas annexed by Germany (such as Austria, the Czech lands)German satellite states (like Slovakia)Countries invaded by Germany, like the NetherlandsMost of Germany's allies, especially Croatia and Romania

Many Holocaust survivors relocated to the United States and other countries. Some of them wrote and gave speeches about their experiences.

The United States and Canada.

Canada , United States , Mexico

The United States, Mexico, and Canada

Russia and us the United States were Involved in the space race

AnswerNo. The holocaust was the attempted wholesale extermination, by Nazi Germany, of all Jews, Slavs and other people the Nazis considered "subhuman". the United States, and its allies, stopped the holocaust by winning the war.

No one knew that the Holocaust would happen, not even those in charge of it.

West Berlin ,Britain, and the United States were involved in the Berlin Airlift.

Shay's rebellion only involved the United States.

Most of those involved in the war. It was not policy to kill those from neutral countries, nor from Great Britain or the United States, of the Axis countries only Finland did not send any of its citizens to be killed, however some were caught in mainland Europe and ended up in the camps.

All the countries involved in the Warsaw Pact were communist states.

Yugoslavia and Kosovo. This is wrong the two countries involved from WWII to 1991 was the United States and Russia (USSR).

The main countries involved in World War 2 (1939 - 1945) (there were a lot more countries involved, but these are the major ones): Germany, Russia, Britain, United States, France, Italy and Poland. The main countries involved in the Cold war (started roughly in the late 1940s): United States, USSR (Russia), Britain

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