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Southern colonies had rich soil and warm climate

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The Middle Colonies had farms but not plantations. Southern Colonies had plantations and farms. (The plantations were bigger than the farms.)

Both! The southern colonies had both small farms and large plantations.

the land in the southern colonies were large plantations and small farms

Large farms, no matter where they are, are often called, "Plantations".

Plantations for tobacco answered by dr.j-wad

northern farms were mainly family farms southern farms more like plantations where based on a slave economy

Well...all they did was use big farms(plantations) to harvest cotton.

The children were too far from a school. The south was mainly farms and plantations and there were miles between cities and the people living on farms or plantations. It was easier to homeschool and for wealthy people they had tutoring for the children.

The economy of the southern colonies was so dependent because they believed in helping eachother out.

The main difference was the types of crops grown on the farms. In the south, larger farms (plantations) were common because the climate was warmer. Cotton was grown there while in the north, they grew crops that matured in a shorter time.

slaves (and free workers called indentured servants) worked on plantations, large farms on which crops are grown

No. Plantations were only in the south and not the middle colonies. They had small cash crop farms.

Southern because the Southern had more land and needed more work done on the plantations.

Well in the southern colonies there were planatations and slavery so they made plantations(big farms).So that slaves could work. And the climate is very hot and in the winters it is cold. That is where slavery acctually tooken place in.

ha ha funny I just learned this a week ago. In the southern colonies there is a lot of land and most of it is flat therefore the can be a lot of big farms, also called plantations. there is also slow moving rivers and houses are spread apart. In the middle there's in some flat land some mountains and hills some fast some slow rivers farms no plantations. has some stuff from northern and southern colonies. I hope this helped. As always have a nice day

The southern farms had far more enslaved worker than the Northern farms because the Southern had more land and needed more work done on the plantations.

Southern plantations used slaves.

the replacement of large plantations with smaller farms (novanet)

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