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slave catchers would see the wanted posters, and then they would bring them back to their owner, and the slaves would be whiped or something.

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Q: How were slaves caught?
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What were Viking slaves?

their slaves were people that they had caught in attacks

What number of slaves were caught?


What were penalties if you were caught with runaway slaves?

you had to get be--headed

What punishments did abolitionists get if caught with slaves?


Did the slaves like being slaves?

No, they didn't. Many tried to flee, but unfortunately most of them were caught.

Did Levi coffin get caught saving slaves?


Were the grimke sisters ever caught helping the slaves?


Who punished the slaves who got caught escaping?


Did harriet Tubman get caught by helping slaves?

No, she was never caught. She saved over 300 slaves and never lost one. (ones she helped) Her last trip was in December of 1860. She brought 7 slaves from Maryland to Canada

What would happen to the people who got caught helping slaves?

If you got caught helping slaves escape to freedom, then you would have gotten either killed, fined, or put into jail.

What happened if people helping the slaves were caught?

They would get killed.

Someone who caught slaves and brought them back?

slave hunters

What happened to slaves if caught writing?

they would get punished by a whip

Why do slaves stay in these countries?

they know they might be caught and will be punished.

How does the underground railroad help the slaves?

so the can't get caught

What would have happened if Harriet Tubmnas slaves got caught?

She didn't have slaves. Nor did she create the underground railroad. She just helped a lot of slaves escape to the north. If one the runaway slaves were caught they would either be sent back to their old master or be put up for sale for someone to buy.

What risk did the slaves take?

the risk that the slaves take is that they have to run away by night, unseen, and unsentered.

Why were slaves hung?

because if they freed slaves and the owners caught their slaves they would rat on the person who freed them,and they would order him/her to be hanged or they would shoot him/her themselves

What percentage of slaves got caught trying to escape?

A big percentage

What would happen if Oskar Schindler if he was caught?

he couldent of been caught the nazis knew he had jews they just thought they where slaves

When were slaves caught?

Please rewrite. To answer your question time and place is needed. Slaves have been part of man's history for thousands of years.

Why didn't slaves fight back or protest?

Actually slaves caught back in many occasions it's just not mentiond as much in history

What was punishment for being caught helping slaves escape on the underground Railroad?

They were eaten by salmon.

What would happen if Harriet Tubman got caught helping the slaves?

she would get killed

What happened to conductors helping slaves escape on the underground railroad?

If they got caught then they were killed.