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Q: How were stone keeps designed?
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Where are stone keeps biult?

Stone keeps are built on top of a hill to get the vantage point.

What were square keeps built of?


How successful were the stone keeps in defending those inside?

The stone keeps supported to look after all the movement around the castle and it protected everyone who lived there

Who designed Sharon stone's costumes in the movie The Muse?

Ungaro designed the clothes.

What year did stone castle keeps get invented?


Who built the first stone castle keeps?


Square or shell keeps were built in stone why?

To make them stronger and stone is a very strong material

Where were stone keeps built?

all over England on hills

What happened after motte and bailey castles were destroyed?

Stone keeps

How thick are stone keeps walls?

They are about two meters thick.

What are the weakness of stone keeps castles?

ramsbottom hahah bottom hallarious

In Pokemon diamond what does the ever stone do?

It keeps the Pokemon holding it from evolving.

What features does the Tower of London have to defend it from attack?

Strong stone walls it was designed as a fortress so it is designed to wihstand attack

What were square keeps made out of?

it is made of stone so when the enemy attacks they can take cover.

What type of animal is a scarab-cut stone designed to resemble?

A dung beetle.

Who illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is not illustrated, it only has a cover illustrated designed by Thomas Taylor.

How successful were stone keeps in defending those inside?

they were quite successful in protecting those inside

Who designed stone temples?

Mayans, Cambodians, Egyptians, Mongolians, and Tibetans to name a few.

Why do stone keep castles decline?

stone keeps castles Devinne because people that live in castles want their castle to be pretty and very sturdy.

What is the Hoover Dam and what does it do?

the Hoover Dam is a block of built stone that keeps the colorado river calm and in control.

Who built michelangelos tomb stone?

Michelangelo's tomb was designed by Giorgio Vasari, Florentine artist.

What are the release dates for Truth Is Stranger - 2013 Mystery of Ancient Stone Balls Keeps Getting Deeper 1-11?

Truth Is Stranger - 2013 Mystery of Ancient Stone Balls Keeps Getting Deeper 1-11 was released on: USA: 1 July 2013

What are keeps in stone castles?

A 'keep' is the central building inside a Castle and the place where all the valuable commodities were 'kept'

Is there a chainsaw that will cut metal?

I suspect there is, as there is a chainsaw designed specifically for cutting concrete and stone. I've rented them.

How do they keep the stone at cold stone cold?

It is a multi-level refrigeration unit. Mostly a downgraded version of how they keep a hockey/ice skating rink cold. The cold air comes from under the stone, which in turn keeps it cold.