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Most of the Jews of Denmark escaped by boat to Sweden.


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Oscar Schindler saved the Jews from the concentration camps. threre is a film about it called Schindler's list

Not many. Millions of people died in German concentration camps. Only about a hundred died in concentration camps in America.

many Jews were saved from concentration camps.many people were saved like about 5000 people but alot died

some escaped on thier own, others with the help of escape committees or local resistance, but very few were saved, most died and some managed to outlive the camps.

Denmark's King Christian X and the underground resistance movement worked hard to get Jews out of Denmark to Sweden. They also sabotaged the German's efforts to take the Jews to the concentration camps.

the American army found so of th Jews in concetration camps when they went into the forests, the Germans had left the camps so that the aarmys cant find them

Over a hundred thousand Jews were liberated from the concentration camps. Not all of the lived after they were liberated because they were suffering from starvation diseases, exposure and typhus.

No. The Jews were saved and liberated from the concentration camps after the British, the Americans and the USSR defeated the Nazis and their allies.

Because he saved the lives of thousands of Jews that were earmarked for the Concentration camps during WW 2 by employing them in his factories.

YES! Oskar Schindler saved more than 1,100 Jews from Auschwitz, the death camp. Other WWII hero's include Irena Sendler, Raoul Wallenberg, And Carl Lutz.

It was Denmark. Though small, it was able to smuggleall it's Jews, over 7,000 people, to Sweden because Swedish scientists created a drug out of Coccaine and dried rabbit's blood to attract the Nazi's dogs then temporaily destroy their sense of smell.

Raoul Wallenberg and Count Folke Bernadotte saved over 100.000 European Jews from concentration camps, the king Gustav V attempted to negotiate with Hitler to treat Jews more "humanely". Nearly all of the Jews in Denmark managed to escape to Sweden, so the answer would be yes.

Jews were saved from the Holocaust or Liberated from the camps between 1944 and 1945.

their self they saved their self or they escaped from the concentration camp

Bad enough to kill nearly every person to ever be in one. If you survived one of the camps, it is either because you escaped or you were saved by somebody. Basically, everybody died. Gas, furnaces, guns, starvation, and many others...

If you've ever heard of Schindler's List, it's about Oskar Schindler, a member of the Nazi party who saved hundreds of Jews from concentration camps. So, yes.

Many ended up in concentration camps; others were saved and moved to Sweden by the efforts of Raoul Wallenberg, who ended up dying in a Russian detention camp.

Some people tries to save them including a social worker network called Zegota which was secret.Irena Sendler saved 2500 jewish children and recently died in 2008.This is one of the answers for the question

When discussing about the final solution he asked if he could take some of the Jews as free labor, which was not weird at all and usually happened. Then he would keep asking for more Jews so he could use them for other jobs. He and his wife saved many Jews from going to concentration camps without the Nazis knowing.

saved the lives of many Jewish people who were in concetration camps in WWII

Well i dont think hitler saved him, but hitler left him in the city to die. When the jews were making their way to the trians with were heaing to concentration camps, Wladyslaw Szpilam was pushed out of crowd. hope i helped you there!

Some were liberated when the Allies were invading, but the SS took the "healthy" Jews with them, hence the "Death March." Some were saved by people who had pity on them or used them for their own personal gain (Oskar Schindler, to name one).

the russians saved some of the jews after the war the rest died ___________________________ survival mainly depended on luck. There were a few things that a person could do to help, but at any time they could be selected at random and killed. At the end of the war many were liberated, by the Soviets in the east and by Canada, Britain and the US in the west, but they were not 'saved'.

He saved Germany by going bankrupt and saved his people.

The Holocaust ended in 1944 and 1945, when the Allies began began to liberate the concentration camps. Another big event that ended The Holocaust was the suicide death of Adolf Hitler. After his death many Nazis retreated and went into hiding for fear of the Allies. ___ The Holocaust ended because the American, British, Soviet, and other Allied armies drove into Germany, liberated the concentration camps, and forced Germany to surrender unconditionally. The Allies won the war. Humanity was saved.

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