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How were the Jews treated up to 1940?


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Assimilated Jews were barely tolerated.

Orthodox Jews were were ridiculed despised and hated.

Ordinary, working class Jews were needed, tolerated and held in a state of limbo.

Germany's Nuremberg laws made them all equal.


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17TH CENTURYJews were treated harshly because there were a lot of massacres.Tens of thousands of Jews were killed.Many of thousands of jews were beaten, raped, and were taken down the streets with christiansthe jews were killed just as bad as hitler killed them in 1940.

People who were not Jews were treated differently than the Jews in Nazi Germany. Some of the Jews were German citizens but they were treated as Jews.

They were mainly treated as the same as the Jews were treated.

they are treated really good

Jews were treated as the cause. they were often cursed, beaten and killed.

Jews in Holland in the 1940 were subject to all of the inhumane Nazi Laws as every other area under Nazi domination. Jews were thrown into ghettos where they were overpacked and disease ran rampant. Some Dutchmen resisted the occupation and/or helped Jews hide, but the majority begrudgingly accepted the new system, especially after the city of Rotterdam was leveled on account of a Dutch insurrection.

like a Jew should be treated !!

If you mean in Nazi Germany and the countries under its control, the vast majority of them were murdered. Michael Montagne

They were treated in the same way as other Jews: one couldn't buy oneself out of the Holocaust.

they were treated like dogs or mud

We are treated badly because of where we are - after the diaspora, Jews have been scattered all over the world. And who will the people blame? The outsiders, which just happened to be Jews.

The Jews Were Not liked because of who they were and what they believed in.

To my understanding the Jewish people we treated with somewhat respect, and not treated like Hitler treated them.

because Jews are Jews. All Jews were seen as the same and none were treated more favourably than any others.

Encyclopedia of Jews in Music was created in 1940.

The humans in concentration camps were treated with NO dignity.

Jews during the Holocaust were tortured, and starved

as bad as the treatment of Jews

there is no way to measure that.

That depends when and by whom.

In the Holocaust itself rich and poor Jews were treated alike: they were slaughtered. (One could not buy one's way out of the Holocaust).

Russia's Jews were easy targets. They often lived in small, isolated villages, had been treated badly by the Russians.

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