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Jefferson's original rough draft was first submitted to Benjamin Franklin and John Adams for their thoughts and changes.

The entire committee reviewed after Franklin and Adams's changes. After much discussion 26 changes were made from Jefferson's original draft. The Committee presented it to Congress on Friday June 28th which ordered it to lie on the table.

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Where does the government get its powers from?

The constitution from our founding fathers The constitution from our founding fathers

Did the founding fathers write the Constitution?

Yes, the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution of the United States.

What were the founding fathers that participated in the creation of the constitution?

Jefferson and Madison were the founding fathers that participated in the creation of the constitution.

What are the four founding fathers?

There aren't 4, but 55 founding fathers who signed the constitution.

Who were two of the founding fathers of the constitution?

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are two of the founding fathers who collaborated on writing the constitution.

Why did the founding fathers or framers write the constitution?

why did the "founding father"or"framers" write the constitution

How many founding fathers of the Constitution were there?

There were 55 :)

What were the writers of the constitution called?

Founding Fathers

Who found the US Constitution?

founding fathers

What did the founding fathers of the constitution do to become the founding fathers?

They revolted against the king of England and fought the war for independence.

Who or what influenced our founding fathers when writing the Constitution?

The Founding Fathers were influenced by John Locke and other Enlightenment thinkers.

The founding fathers did not want the constitution to be amended?

False, the founding fathers provided for an unseen future they could not predict by allowing the constitution to be amended in specific circumstances.

Who decides how states ratify the amendments?

The system for ratifying Amendments is detailed within the Constitution therefore, by extension, the original creators of the Constitution decide the system by which states ratify Amendments. You can find many examples of these "Founding Fathers" online.

What do you call the people who wrote the constitution?

The founding fathers.

The writer of the constitution are often referred to as the founding?


What were the Supportors of the constitution were known as?

The Founders or The Founding Fathers

Which founding fathers did not sign the constitution?

George Washington

Who made the eighth amendment?

The founding fathers of the constitution

Who is Edmond Randolph?

he is one of the founding fathers of the constitution

Where did the founding fathers write the constitution?

independence hall

What were the People called who suported the constitution?

The founding fathers

What race did you have to be to vote on the constitution with the founding fathers?


What date did the founding fathers sign the constitution?

in 1783

What can you say to the founding fathers?

Thank you for making the constitution

What else did the founding fathers do?

i think they rewrite the constitution