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How were the governments of Germany Italy Japan and Russia similar?

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The similitary between Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia is that they were all totalitarian governments, or governments in which the people are restricted in their freedoms and the government has total control. The differences of course, were that Russia was Communist; Japan Imperialist; and Germany and Italy Fascist.

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What were the conditions under which totalitarian governments and the police state emerged in Russia Germany Italy and Russia?


Where were the dictators that rose Europe in the 1930s?

Germany, Italy

Hideki Tojo's government in Japan was similar to totalitarian governments in Germany and Italy in that it?

Answer this question… outlawed communism and executed political dissidents

Fascist governments in the 1930s?

japan germany and italy

What country is dictatorship from?

Russia,Germany, and Italy!!

What did japan Italy and Germany share in the 1930s?

Totalitarian governments.

What type of government did Russia Italy and Germany have during world war 2?

All three were dictatorships. Russia = Stalin Italy = Mussolini Germany = Hitler

Who were the aggressores in World War 2?

the aggressores were originally Germany,Russia,and Italy but after Pearl Harbor was not entirely successful Japan joined Germany and Italy and Russia joined the Allies after Germany attacked Leningrad

What three countries had totalitarianism governments in the 1930s?

Germany, Japan, and Italy.

Is it true that Germany England Russia France and Italy are members of the EU?

No. Russia is not a member.

Where do most people live today is it U.K. Germany Italy or Russia?

Out of the choices, Russia, with 144M, followed by Germany who has about 82M, then the UK with 62M, and lastly Italy who has 61M.

Which country has the strongest military in Europe?

If you count Russia as European, then it's Russia. If you don't count Russia as European, then it's Turkey, followed by France, Germany, Italy then the UK. Probably Russia, then the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Turkey, and then Italy.

Why did Germany and Italy move eastward?

They wanted Russia!! ( they did not get it though!)

Why do you think there was not more support for democratic governments in Italy or Germany?


What are the totalitarian governments up to in the 1930's?

Italy. Spain , Germany

What are the types of government that took power in russia Italy Germany and japan after World War 1?

Dictatorships took power in Russia, Italy and Germany. Japan remained the monarchy it had been for centuries.

Which three countries increased the amount of money spent on weapons........ great britain..france..Russia..germany..austria-hungary..italy?

Great Britain, France, and Germany.

How was japan and government under hideki tojo similar to the governments of Germany under adolf Hitler and Italy under Benito Mussolini?

It violently suppressed any type of political

What were the repressive countries of World War 2?

Germany, Russia, Italy

What country's did he visit?

germany , italy, usa, russia , uk and ireland

Who Iran trade with?

Japan, France, Germany, Russia, India, Italy,

Who had fascist governments in 1939?

Italy Germany Latvia Lithuania Spain Austria Hungary

What systems of government did the Soviet Union Germany Italy and Japan had in World War 2?

Germany and Italy were socialist governments. The Soviet Union was communist and Japan was Imperialistic.

Who did Italy Germany and Japan invade?

Europe (mostly eastern), russia, poland, that area. Who did Italy, Germany, and Japan invade in World War II

The treaty ending the war made Germany Italy Japan Russia solely responsible for the war?