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I would say since they were from different time periods there were different strategies used.

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Q: How were the methods of diplomacy different in World War 1 and World War 2?
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How did diplomacy solve World War 2?

Diplomacy didn't really 'solve' WWII - WWII happened because diplomacy failed.

What diplomacy ended World War 2?


Example of moral diplomacy?

spanish American war urged business to sell goods to the world world war 2

What agreement was made by 62 nations to not use war as a form of diplomacy in world war 2?

kellogg briand pact

How did post World War 2 diplomacy set up the cold war?

U.S. Capitalism vs. U.S.S.R. Communism

What methods of execution were used in World War 1?

The methods of execution used in World War I included hanging and the firing squad. These were considered the most humane.

Why were traditional methods of fighting no longer possibille in world war 1?

Why were traditional methods of fighting no longer possible during World War I

Did the foreign policy of the United States after world war 2 have a name?

Dollar Diplomacy or Monroe Doctine ?

What has the author C Seymour written?

C. Seymour has written: 'American diplomacy during the World War'

Why couldn't World War 2 be solved without war?

The Second World War could not be avoided because both Germany and Japan had expansionist policies that could not be resolved through diplomacy .

What was the diplomacy used to avoid the Korean War?

War is obtaining a political goal by other than political means. Diplomacy failed in Korea. So it was settled by war.

How were the jews tortured during world war 2?

The ways in which Jews were tourtured is not a short list. Different places though had their favourite methods.

What are the different communication methods in the civil war?

God, pigeon, and train.

It is a war fought with words and diplomacy not with military weapons.?

cold war

What kind of cooking methods did they use in world war 1?

they used basic cooking skills in world war one

What is the cotton diplomacy?

Cotton Diplomacy is when the south tried to convince England to support the Civil war with cotton but they said no.

What is the similarity between World War 1 and Iraq war?

Frankly, there is very little, if any, similarities between the two wars. The reasons they occurred, methods they were fought with, and outcomes are radically different.

What were the methods of fighting World War 1?

Largely trench warfare.

What methods of travel were used in World War 1?

horses and tanks

What type of war is fought with words and diplomacy instead of weapons?

Cold War.

Is the civil war a debate and diplomacy in history?


Why did diplomacy play such a key role in the American Revolutionary War?

Diplomacy in the Revolutionary War had an important impact on the Revolution, as the United States evolved an independent foreign policy.

How were the causes of World War I and World War 2 similar and different?

world war 1 is an European war world war 2 is an country war

How did diplomacy throughout World War 2 help shape the peace process?

Diplomacy throughout the World War 2 helped shape the peace process because the rivals would sit round the table engage. Unfortunately the peace process was made more difficult by Stalin's refusal to un -occupy eastern Europe.

What was the contest for world leadership called that began after World War 2 between the communist nations and the nations of the west?

That would be the "Cold War," one of saber-rattling threats, rhetoric, and tense diplomacy through distrust.