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Starved, tortured, raped, used as test subjects for medical procedures and medicines by companies like Bayer, forced to work in unbearable conditions, and finally executed by various means, from gas chambers to firing squads.

Well they were forced from their homes/apartments (which were usually in ghettos) and either shoved into cattle cars to go to concentration camps, or killed on spot by either being shot or beat to death.

Then in concentration camps they would starve them and work them to death. Or they would shoot them, send them into gas chambers(which they would fill with carbon monoxide to kill them), or send them to a crematory to burn them.

If you were forced into labor most would die of malnutrition or disease, also once you were there, you had no name, you were tattoo'd a number on your arm and that was your 'name'.

Nazi or S.S. would give them little water or food which would usually be contaminated and give them typhoid fever where they would let them suffer and die or send them back to their ghettos to spread the disease(s).

They also made them stack the dead bodies onto the back of (at least) 4 large trucks where they would sit on the back with the dead bodies until they got to where they would stack them but usually the truck would come to an abrupt halt and make the bodies fall on them, crushing them or suffocating them.

They found that they starved them so much that the average man, fully grown and all, to live from a concentration camp was about 88 pounds.

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Q: How were the people in the Holocaust treated?
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When were the Jewish people badly treated?

Jewish people were treated horribly during the holocaust

What is the similarity between the Holocaust and slavery?

people were treated terrable

How is the holocaust related to people with disabilities?

It is not. It is related to how the Nazis treated people with disabilities. The way that the Nazis murdered disbled people was used in many of the camps in the Holocaust.

How were rich Jews treated in the Holocaust?

They were treated in the same way as other Jews: one couldn't buy oneself out of the Holocaust.

What was your reaction to the Holocaust?

that Hitler was wrong for killing the Jews. all people should be treated the same.

What happened to the people who hid Jews during the Holocaust?

People who helped hide Jewish familes during the Holocaust were either killed or sent to a concentration camp. They were treated as the Jews were if they were caught.

How did survivors respond to the World after the Holocaust?

Not only did different people respond in different ways, but people were treated differently also.

How were the other victims of the holocaust besides the Jews treated?

They were mainly treated as the same as the Jews were treated.

How were wealthy Jews treated different form poor Jews in the Holocaust?

In the Holocaust itself rich and poor Jews were treated alike: they were slaughtered. (One could not buy one's way out of the Holocaust).

How was the victims treated in the holocaust?

bad af

What did people eat in the Holocaust?

During the Holocaust, the Jews & people being treated so badly had to carry around a tin can & that's what they used as their toilet, they also had to use that same tin to put their food in.

where the children in the holocaust treated good?

No! They were not. They were often sent to be killed because they were considered weak and unable to work. No one was treated well during the holocaust.

Why were the Jews treated bad during the Holocaust?

people hated them but i don't know why.... they had been anti semitic for years

What did religion have to do with the Holocaust?

During the holocaust, many people were captured, abused, and eventually mudered based on what social group they were in. This includes homosexuals, disabled people, "gypsies", and most of all, Jews. The Jewish people were treated like animals simply because of their religious beliefs.___The Holocaust had nothing to do with religion.

Why did the Tibetan people compare the treatment of their people by the Chinese government to the Nazis and the Holocaust?

It has become fashionable for any group that is persecuted to compare itself to the victims of the Holocaust - and the Tibetans have been treated badly by the Chinese government.

How were Germans treated in the Holocaust?

They were treated as normal people but under the nazi policies, if German breaked the law they be sent to concentrationcamp its like today, break the law and you get arrested

What is an example of Holocaust?

When the Jews were treated really badly by the Germans, and it was so bad it was called The Holocaust.

How were twins in the Holocaust treated?

they were killed by doctors experimenting on them

How were children treated in camps during the Holocaust?

they were killed

What are some of the things that happened to people during the Holocaust?

They would have been killed treated inhumane or sent to concentration camps.

Is the Holocaust unimaginable?

Well, that is a matter of opinion. Many people believe that the holocaust was a unbearable and a bad time in the world. Many races were treated like they were filthy and sent to the worst imaginable labour camps. So, if you were asking for an opinion of Is the Holocaust unimaginable, yes it was

Did more people die during slavery or the Holocaust?

slaves of course slave were treated very badly this country should be a shame of this today it brings me to tears . and the way that afro Americans are treated

What was the inhumanity of the Holocaust?

Generally it was the way that the Nazis (and the Germans) treated the Jews and arguably treated the Gypsies even worse.

Who had it wosrt Holocaust victims or slaves?

A large proportion of the Holocaust victims were slaves. If you are meaning to compare to American slaves; you need to know that American slaves though treated poorly were actually treated better than most slaves in history, including people who were slaves under Nazi Germany.

What did the US think about the Holocaust?

w couldn't belive that these people were treated this way by the nezie. and that anyone could be treated this way. we were really surprised that this had happened. and that the Germans just acted like it never happened.