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How were the slaves treated?

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slaves were treated very poorly they were beaten and had to do all of the requirements told by their slave master. Some did not like the harshness of their slave owner so they tried to run away most did not succeed they were captured killed or they got their feet cut off. They were treated as though they were property not people!!

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How were slaves treated in the cape?

how were the slaves treated in the cape

How were the slaves treated in Brazil?

they were treated worse than the slaves in the u.s..

How were slaves treated-?

Many slaves were treated civil but many others were treated inhumane. It depended on who they were owned by.

How are slaves treated?

they were treated badly

How were slaves treated in jail?

The slaves were not treated good at all I guess you can try to imagine jail now and then multiply it by 100 and then you will see how the slaves were treated.

How were slave treated?

Slaves Most slaves were abused and mistreated. Slaves were required to do hard labor. Slaves were not treated as people but rather as property.

How were Mayan slaves treated?

They were treated poorly

How were women and slaves treated in Sparta?

Women and slaves were treated unfairly because they were not allowed to be citizens,vote, and did not have any rights.there were no slaves in Sparta, and the women were treated with dignity.

How were viking slaves treated?

Viking slaves were treated terrible often punished for little things.

How were slaves treated emotionally?

They werent treated as full humans so one can imagine they were not treated well, the treatment of slaves was inhumane.

How were children slaves treated?

They were treated like the adults

How were the slaves treated in latin America?

As most slaves are treated: horribly. This practice was common in all the Americas.

Why were slaves treated so badly in the West Indies?

The slaves were treated badly because they were a different colour

How were slaves treated in court?

Slaves would not be treated well as they were seen as common animals without rights

How were slaves treated in french colonies?

They were treated so poorly in Haiti that the slaves rebelled and overthrew the French.

How were slaves treated in Athens?

Athenian slaves were the lowest class of athenian society They were treated like vermin and some owners sold thier slaves

Where were slaves treated worst?


How slaves were treated on slave ships?

slaves were treated like property. they were closely packed together . it was hot and smelly

Why were slaves treated bad?

Slaves in the south were treated poorly because they often disobeyed their owners by refusing to work.

How were slaves treated in the Southern Colonies?

Slaves were treated at the bottom of the social society. They had no rights and can be beaten to death by their owners.

How were women slaves treated?

The women were treated badly and harshly.

Are slaves normally treated badly?

Technically it all depends on the master Bad master(mean creul etc..)=Badly treated slaves Good master (Kind considerate etc..)= Decent treated slaves :-)

How were slaves treated during the civil war?

slaves were treated badly like were property they also had no rights or say in anything

Where all slaves treated bad?

Most slaves were treated badly but now in the modern times they are not and we do not OWN any one.

How where slaves treated?

slaves were treated very horrible they were whipped till scared, almost even to death they were treated worse than animals and marked like them to be sold.