How were trenches constructed?

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By digging a huge hole with a shovel. they left a huge space in the middle called no mans land

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Q: How were trenches constructed?
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How were trenches designed and constructed?

I do

Who constructed the trenches in World War 1?

The soldiers built the trenches.

Why are the British and German trenches different?

TheGermans realized that they would have to stay in hem longer so they carefully planned their trenches. The British however didn't realize this and hastily constructed their trenches. Hope that helped!

Who made trenches in World War 1?

Trench systems were constructed by German , Russian , British and American combatants .

Where were trenches built?

During World War I, trenches were built at nearly every point in front of which an enemy force was located -- or was expected to be located -- wherever the terrain would allow them to be constructed. It should be noted that front-line trenches were also typically supported by trenches behind the front lines, which were utilized for supply, communication, and assembly purposes.

Where were the trenches and how were they constructed in World War 1?

The trenches were in the front lines of the war zone, they were dug by the soldiers who then both fought from and lived in these trenches for long periods of time. They were small but not as small as we would think. They were dug in a zigzag pattern so that if an enemy breached the defenses and entered the trench he would not be able to kill a lot of soldiers since they would not be in a straight line.

What were fire steps used for in the trenches?

The trenches were deep enough to allow soldiers to move about without being shot. So if they wanted to look out to see what the enemy were doing they needed a step to stand on. This was the firestep, constructed at the front of the trench, which also allowed them to fire at the enemy in the trench opposte.

What are support trenches WW1?

During World War I, "support trenches" were found throughout the theaters of the war wherever trench-lines were constructed. Running perpendicular and parallel both to the main defense-line trenches, support trenches enabled front-line troops to communicate with each other, receive supplies, and organize for coming battles without being in the line of fire of the enemy across the (often quite narrow) "no man's land" between enemy lines.

Who built the trenches?

who made the trenches

What are continental trenches?

coninental trenches are trenches that go across countries...i think

What was the trenches across belgium and France known as?

They were the western front. But the different trenches were front line trenches, communication trenches.

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