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Sometimes they would tie the accused witch to a boulder and drop them into water. If they floated, they were a witch and if they sunk they weren't. Of course either way they died.

This is only one of them.


The accused in Salem never underwent the traditional witch tests of Europe. The court would not allow it. The Salem witches were tried by a panel of judges that also served as jury. The evidence and witness testimony, the afflicted's accusations, were brought up and the accused had to defend themselves.

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Q: How were witches tried in the Salem witch trials?
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Related questions

Who was the witch in the Salem witch trials?

Twenty people were executed as witches in the Salem witch trials, but they were all innocent. There were no actual witches.

How was witchcraft practiced during the Salem witch trials?

There were no actual, practicing witches invovled, accused or otherwise existing in Salem during the witch trials.

How did they test witches in the Salem witch trials?

They didn't. The traditional witch tests were not employed in Salem. The afflicted girls accused someone and that was the evidence in the trials.

Why were witches accused of being witches?

Only regular people were executed during the Salem Witch Trials. No Pagans. No witches. They were tried because the townspeople wanted their property, land, and possessions.

What did they do to kill the witches in the Salem witch trials?

During the Salem Trials, witches were hung because in Puritan America, witchcraft was a felony and a felony was punished by hanging.

When did the Salem witches trial end?

The Salem witch trials ended in May of 1693.

Punishments for witches during the Salem witch trials?


Where is the Salem Witch Museum located?

The Salem Witch Museum is located in Salem, Massachusetts. They offer information on the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and they show the evolution of witches over the years.

How many witches were killed in the Salem witch trials?

None. Everyone executed was innocent.

How are the Salem witch trials and maccarthyism different?

The Salem Witch Trials were done for religious purposes. (witches- people who work with Satan) McCarthyism was done for political purposes. (communists)

Why did the Salem Witch Trials take place?

The Salem witch trials took place in the colonial state of Massachussets. The most popular and well known trials of the witches conducted by Oyer and Terminer in 1692

Were accused witches burned at Salem witch trials?

No. Accused witches during the Salem witch trials were not burned, they were only hanged. The only non-hanging death was Giles Corey who died by being being crushed by large rocks. The Witch trials were held in other places such as Europe where some accused witches may have been burned. But burning at the stake was not common during all the witch trials held.

What was the method of execution for convicted witches in the Salem witch trials?

Public hanging

What were the results of the Salem witch trials?

Belief in witches ended once and for all.

How many witches were burned at the Salem witch trials?

none....they were all hanged.

How many witches were killed by hanging as a result of the Salem witch trials?


How were the trials during the Salem Witch Trials different from trials today?

Obviously, the Salem Witch Trials tried a very different crime. But, other than that, the Salem Trials were very much like a normal civil trial today.

Why were witches killed in the Salem witch trials?

They were executed for refusing to confess to their practice of witchcraft.

Where did the book time of the witches take place?

Anna Myers' Time of the Witches took place in Salem, Massachusetts during the Salem Witch Trials.

When were the witches put on trial in Massachusetts?

The Salem trials were held in the summer and early autumn of 1692. There were other witch trials in Massachusetts. For example, there were witch trials and hangings in Boston in 1656.

Who was the first woman to be tried as a witch in the Salem witch trials?

Bridget Bishop. She was tried and convicted on June 2, 1692.

How are the Salem Witch Trials and the Rosenberg Spy Trials alike?

They really aren't. The Salem Witch Trials tried regular people accused of witchcraft and convicted in Puritan society. The Rosenburg Trials tried two people who were trying to spy on the US during a time of diplomatic hostilities.

How many people from Ipswich were condemned as witches?

in "the Salem witch trials" over 100 people were accused of being a witch.

What are the differences and similarities between The crucible and the Holocaust?

the holocaust is Jews. Salem witch trials are witches

What was the Salem witch trials in America about?

they where basically people accusing other people of being witches