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How were you punished for a crime in the middle ages?

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It was dependant on the crime. Usually you were thrown in prison, but you could have been beheaded, stoned to death or straight up executed.

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When you were to be punished, you would be put to DEATH!

for giving out secret information to there enemy.

The 'Jack Stankovic' would punish people.

Well, The fact is that children during the middle ages were treated as miniature adults, this is most evident in the paintings of children from that time. They were not at all considered sweet and innocent as small children, if a child committed a crime or offended someone, they suffered the same punishment as their parents and other adults.

drunkards were punished in the middle ages in diffrent ways, some might be put in the stocks for 2 days,or have there hands chopped of so they can drink again ---- Actually, Its Only The Stocks. You Dont Get Your Hands Cut Off. But Other Than That The Answer Is Correct.

Because the Catholic church was running everything.

a crime should be punished because according to me if a crime is not punished then criminals will start doing more crimes as they will think that they are cured

Then it would be crime because it would be acceptable. the only thing that makes something a crime is that you will get punished for it. if there are no consequences then it will not be considered a crime because everyone will be doing it. :)

The church was the main power in Europe during the middle ages so anything that might contradict them risked them losing their immense power, also the people were very superstitious and seriously believed it to be a major crime.

There was no explorers in the middle ages. When exploration started that is when the middle ages ended.

they were punished as they were bad and they did things like robbery, murder, offensive towards the kingAdded: Pretty much for the same reasons that people are punished today for breaking the law. Human nature hasn't changed much, and probably never will. Alas!

they put them in a stock and other people threw food at them sometimes the person would die in the stock Hope i helped

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There was approximately 356 people punished or hung

People were tortured if they did bad things like robbery and other things.... this is because they were not being like humans!!!! :)

It was not worn in the Middle Ages.

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