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How wide in miles is the Bering Strait from its closest points?


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Bering Strait Width

53 miles :-) totaly.

The strait is located between Alaska and Eastern Russia.


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The Bering Strait is approximately 53 miles (85 km) wide

The closest point on the North American Mainland to the Asian mainland is 49 miles from Alaska to Russia across the Bering Strait. If you count islands, then it's about a mile from Little Diomede Island to Big Diomede Island, in the middle of the Bering Strait.

Russia - approximately 25 miles across the Bering Strait to the Diomede Islands, Russia, or 50 miles to mainland Russia.

Asia. (Alaska and Russia are only about 5 miles apart at the Bering Strait)

The Bering Strait is not between Asia and Africa. It is between Asia and America. The distance between Asia and America at the narrowest point of the Bering Strait is 51 miles (82 kilometers, 44 mmi).

It is about 54.4 miles at the Bering Strait.

if you can see 55 miles away.....

Just under 72 km (53 miles)

The Pacific Ocean is about 8500 miles in length, north-to-south, from the Arctic Ocean at the Bering Strait to the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. (This does not include the Bering Sea.)

Russia is closest. Siberia's easternmost point is just fifty-six miles from Alaska. Actually, in the middle of the Bering Strait, Russia's Big Diomede Island and Alaska's Little Diomede Island are only two miles apart!

Yes. · Alaska and Russia share a border. The U.S.-Russian maritime boundary zigzags down the Bering Strait between the Asian and American land masses. · Alaska and Russia are less than 3 miles apart at their closest point in the Bering Strait where two islands, Russia's Big Diomede Island and Alaska's Little Diomede Island, are located. In winter it is possible to walk across the frozen Bering Strait border between these two islands. At its closest, the American mainland and the Russian mainland are 55 miles apart where Alaska's Seward Peninsula and Russia's Chukotka Peninsula reach out to each other.

The strait between Russia and Alaska is the Bering Strait. At its narrowest point, it is 51 miles wide, between Cape Dezhnev and Cape Prince of Wales.

Only 20 miles/32km/32,000m. In Winter you can walk from Eastern Russia to Western Alaska at only 20 miles/32km/32,000m because the Bering Strait Valley freezes Only 20 miles/32km/32,000m. In Winter you can walk from Eastern Russia to Western Alaska at only 20 miles/32km/32,000m because the Bering Strait Valley freezes

The Bering Strait separates Russia from Alaska. It is about 51 miles wide.

Besides those two, the closest would be Russia, across the Bering Strait from Alaska with a distance of 82 kilometers (51 miles) between the two. Another would be The Bahamas, 107 kilometers (67 miles) east of Florida.

Russia.The Diomede islands in the Bering Strait are separated by 2.4 miles. East Diomede Island is part of the state of Alaska, and West Diomede is governed by the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia.

Approximately 21 miles at the closest points.

No, but Lynne cox swam 2 miles to the diolomede (sorry if i spelled that wrong) islands.

Asia is. In the Bering Strait, Little Diomede Island ... part of Alaska ... and Big Diomede Island ... part of Russia's Chukotka Autonomous Okrug ... are about 2.4 miles apart at their closest points. The islands are sometimes called Tomorrow Island (Big Diomede) and Yesterday Isle (Little Diomede) because they are separated by the International Dateline, so Big Diomede is 23 hours ahead of Little Diomede.

The Bering Strait separates Northern Asia and North America. It runs between Alaska, United States and Siberia, Russia. It separates the two continents by 55 miles.

At their closest points, about 121 miles border to border.

An island which is part of Alaska is about 2.5 miles from an island that is part of Russia. The mainlands of Asia and Alaska are separated by the Bering Strait, which is about 55 miles wide.

The Bering Strait is a sea strait between Cape Dezhnev, Russia, the easternmost point of the Asian continent and Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska, the westernmost point of the North American continent. The Bering Strait is the broad channel of ocean (about 53 miles) between Russia and Alaska. More specifically, it lies between Cape Dezhnev, which is the easternmost point (169°43' W) of continental Asia, and Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska, the most western point (168°05' W) of North America. Use the link below to see a satellite photo, maps and other information in this approximately 85 kilometer wide stretch of water that lies just below the Arctic circle. The Bering Strait links the Arctic Ocean to the Bering Sea, separating the continents of Asia and North America at their closest point. 20,000 years ago during the ice age, ice formed a bridge between North America and Asia here. Today, it consists of 47 miles of some of the harshest ocean and arctic conditions.

The distance from Russia to its closest US point is approximately 50.9 miles. This is the easternmost point of Russia across the Bering Strait to Cape Prince of Wales in Alaska. As an aside, the distance from Russia to what we consider the 48 contiguous states, with the most northwestern state being Washington, is approximately 2061 miles.

At their closest points, Paraguay and Uruguay are about 275 miles apart.

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