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Call and ask your agent

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Q: How will 4 points for reckless driving affect Progressive Insurance premiums in Florida?
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What is the 5 digit code for Progressive Direct Insurance in Florida?


Which car insurance companies offer insurance in Florida?

Florida is a major market and almost all major car insurance companies offer policies in Florida. These include Progressive, Liberty Mutual, State Farm and many others.

Where can one obtain a free online quote for auto insurance in Florida?

One can get a free online quote for auto insurance in Florida from an insurance company called Progressive Insurance. They have a variety of policies to suit different needs.

Where can one find a Florida auto insurance quote?

Florida auto insurance can be purchased from most major insurers including Geico, Progressive, USAA, Esurance, Liberty Mutual, All-State, and Farmers Insurance.

What companies offer home insurance in Florida?

Many national brands such as Nationwide, Progressive, and State Farm offer home insurance in Florida. Some other companies that offers it are Security First and Citizens Property Insurance.

How much over speed limit is reckless driving in Florida?

Speed alone is not reckless driving in Florida. At extreme speeds other factors are often present to amount to reckless driving.

Where do I find motorcylce insurance in florida?

If you are a Florida resident and have other insurance, particularly car insurance, get a quote from your insurance company, you may qualify for a discount. Most of the major insurance companies (AllState, State Farm, etc) do provide motorcycle insurance. You can also get quotes on line from Progressive and Geico. You will need insurance to register your bike.

Will insurance increase more due to a careless driving or reckless driving charge in Florida?

Probably reckless. "Careless" implies something done by accident, like swerving over the line momentarily. "Reckless" implies something done willingly, without regard to the law or consequences.

What are Florida's minimum requirements for classic car insurance?

Florida's minimum fees for having a car covered are just having your own basic insurance which will cover the other drivers car and or body in an accident. The premiums and fees vary based on company.

What is the progressive auto insurance company 5 digit code for Florida?

The company code is 10192

What are some good companies that sell Florida renters insurance?

I know that Nationwide Insurance has offices for coverage in every state. You could also check with Progressive insurance, they offer policies for everything.

Does home insurance in Florida have to be be based on replacement value?

The Florida Department of Insurance is a great resource for consumers in that state. They are very involved in protecting homeowners from unaffordable premiums and unreliable companies. Try googling "Florida Department of Insurance" to locate their website. If you do not have regular online access you can find their toll free telephone number in the telephone book.

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