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The IRS will receive data from the Dept of Health and Human Services (the department charged with administering the ACA) to indicate that a person (or family) has not obtained proper coverage.

When you file your taxes, the IRS will then add the appropriate penalty to your taxes, requiring you to either pay more, or reduce the refund owed you.

Despite common lore, the IRS can most certainly enforce this tax penalty. The specific actions that the IRS is allowed to perform to collect this debt are more limited than for a normal tax debt (i.e. they can't seize property, but they CAN garnish wages), but the IRS nonetheless can collect on it.

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Can individuals refrain from purchasing health insurance under Obamacare?

No people will have to make sure they purchase healthcare with Obama care. If they do not they will be charged a fee for not doing so. They will be penalized for not being covered.

Did ObamaCare increase the the years of coverage if the child is in college?

Yes. Under the Affordable Care Act (called "ObamaCare" by some), if you have a child, whether in college or not, that child can stay on your health insurance plan until age 26.

How will people with chronic illnesses be affected under ObamaCare?

Insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage to them for having preexisting conditions.

Will the Amish be required to purchase health insurance under ObamaCare?

No, they will not. In fact, there is a special exemption for their religious beliefs.

Does the employer or employee pay for health care under obamacare?

Obamacare does not have a specific percentage that employers and workers have to pay. However, an employee cannot pay more than 9.5 percent of his income to join the employer's plan and cover himself. (The amount he pays for family coverage can be higher than 9.5 percent of his income or his household income.)

Do part time employees get health insurance under ObamaCare?

Obama's health care plan does not require employers to extend health insurance benefits to part-time employees.

Will there be fines for not having health care in the US under Barack Obama?

Obamacare as we know it now will impose a $3,800 tax on a family not covered by health insurance.

Is obamacare free?

Is anything really ever free? In most cases health insurance coverage under ObamaCare will require some level of premium contribution. When purchased through an employer the employee contribution can be no higher than 9.5% of family income for that employee. Dependent coverage may cost more. When purchased through a state exhcange as an individual subsidies help lower the premium costs, but they never reach zero. Families qualifying for Medicaid receive coverage at no premium costs. In states that expanded Medicaid there may be asset recovery at time of death.

Will ObamaCare protect your predisposed condition?

I think you mean a "pre-existing" condition. That refers to a condition you already have, and some health insurance companies used to refuse to cover you if you had an illness already (like cancer, or heart disease or diabetes). But under the president's health plan, companies will no longer be able to deny you coverage just because you have a pre-existing condition.

Why do people have to pay for medical coverage they don't need under Affordable Health care act?

People have to pay for medical coverage they don't need under the Affordable Care Act so that coverage will be more affordable for sick people who need it.

How much is health insurance for students?

For a student if the insurance is being offered by school it would be generally easy and affordable otherwise there are plans for students available with minimum health coverage or under the family health umbrella they can be covered. Turtlemint also suggest to go for minimum health coverage for students.

Do divorcees have to pay child support until 26 under obamacare?

Obamacare does not discuss child support. I suppose that it's possible that non-custodial parents might be required to pay health insurance until age 26; however, child support, child custody and related issues such as health insurance are determined by the States.

How many people will be covered with obamacare?

As Obamacare (the PPACA law) is not some sort of coverage plan, but rather a healthcare regulatory framework law, no one will be directly covered by Obamacare. Roughly 11 million people who do not currently have medical coverage are expected to be covered under some method provided by the PPACA. The majority (about 60%) of these folks will be through expanded Medicaid coverage. The remainder will mostly be people buying coverage through a state or federal Exchange, with subsidies possible from their employer and/or the federal government. A large unknown is the number of people who qualify for exchange-based coverage (and possibly some level of subsidy), but choose not to purchase that coverage. Note that we will NOT know actual numbers until most likely 2016 at the earliest, as there are considerable kinks to work out in the new law, and actual coverage numbers will be unknown until all reporting is finished, which typically lags at least a full calendar year behind reality.

For whom does Geisinger Health Plan offer services to?

Geisinger Health Plan offers health coverage to many different people under many different plans. For example, they offer services to people with coverage through individual plans, Medicare plans, and employer groups.

What are the benefits of the Group Health Cooperative?

The Group Health Cooperative offers insurance to people not otherwise eligible for group health coverage. Routine preventative visits have no copay under this plan.

What is Spousal carve out?

Spousal carve out is when an employer has a provision in their health insurance plan by which they deny coverage of an employee's spouse if he/she qualifies for, whether declined by him/her or not, coverage under another plan.

Is Tricare for Life with Medicare affected by Obamacare?

Tricare for Life with Medicare is not affected by Obamacare because it falls under different legislation.

What is the difference between primary and secondary commercial claims?

The primary coverage is provided under the plan provided by the employer. Secondary coverage is usually a result of being covered as a dependent under someone else's health insurance plan.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield of new york cover birth control pills?

Coverage for birth control pills depends on the plan that you or your employee purchased, not the insurance company. Under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the majority of plans cover birth control pills. To check that your plan does, call the phone number on the back of the card and ask about your particular drug coverage.

Does your harris county gold card count under ObamaCare?

If you have a Harris County Gold Card in Texas, you are covered under Medicaid. This means that you do not have to sign up for Obamacare since you are exempt.

Is Cataract Surgery treatment is covered under health insurance?

cataract eye surgery is covered under health insurance, in most of the cases.. The coverage will not hold valid if it is pre-existing condition, prior to getting policy.

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