How will daughters turn out when they don't have a dad their whole lives?

They will seek a older man,(for a father figure) Or fall in love with the same sex. From another poster: It's much more complicated than what is written above by another poster and not necessarily so. I would certainly appreciate intelligent, compassionate, well thought out, non judgemental replies concerning this delicate subject. We live in a predatory society that hinders the growth and healing as oppose to contributing to the well being of others. Mockery no matter how subtle is harmful and no healthy person would participate in such. In answer to your question, children (later to become adults)regardless of gender whom do not have adequate emotional support of course will be adversely affected. Furthermore, Children regardless of gender without adequate emotional support and stability are deprived of healthy role modeling which leads to a long life riddled with discontent and struggles. Girls in particular growing up with/without an emotionally and physically present father will often find themselves in a never ending search for the father they've never had which is often displayed in glorified images of gold diggers..etc. Boys display many of the same behaviours although often overlooked in a sexist uninformed society that blames and makes excuses. Best Wishes For The Future. It depends on the mother and each mother is different. Some women remain single to raise their daughter and they can have their problems, but many form a good relationship. A daughter should be able to come to her mother with ANY problem and they should work together to get through those problems. Some mothers get married again or, if a single parent, will marry. It's important that a mother goes slow and easy with any man because he is going to be the "bread-winner" of that house. If he isn't a good guy he could become a great problem to you and more importantly to your daughter. There could be mental/physical abuse, sexual abuse. Also if a mother has formed a strong relationship with her daughter the daughter could have a rough time accepting a man into mother's life for fear she will lose the attention of her mother. There are many problems, but the long and short of it, if you want to raise a daughter without a father figure then strive to have a close relationship with your daughter, but remember, "you're not her girlfriend" and must have the strength at times to learn to say "no" to her. It isn't always going to be a smooth road and there will be problems. There are many young women brought up by just their mothers who grow up and lead very successful lifestyles. Good luck