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How will detergents kill plants?

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The chemicals in detergent are poison like.

You pour them in the soil and the roots absorb it.

The plant mistakes it as water and nutrients.

Then chemicals spread through it eventually killing it.

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What do detergents have that kill plants?

Detergents have poison in them that kills the plant. When you pore that poisen in it it automatically kills the plant. That's how detergents kill the plant.

How will plants die from the detergents?

Plants Will Die From The Detergents By The Detergents Suffocating The Plants Then Leaving The Plants To Die.

Why do plants die when watered with laundry detergents?

Plants die when watered with laundry detergents because detergents have chemicals in them. Plants need nutrients, water and light and detergents do not meed these requirements.

Will detergent kill plants?

YesIf you google detergent plants, a gazillion hits are returned on the subject of the effects of detergents on plants. Numerous experiments have shown that detergents kill plants of all types. surely detergent will kill the plants.. the reason being is detergents have the foaming agent such as sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) or sodium lauryl sulphate which can cleave the protein molecules present in the cells converting them into peptides by breaking the chemical bondings.. how can a plant survive without protein?Forget that comment at the bottom, I erased it.

How will detergents help in the growth of plants?

Detergents that contain phosphates can, in the right quantities, promote the growth of plants such as algae.

Can soap pollute the earth?

no A Different Answer Yes. Detergents in streams is already a problem. Soap can kill fish, amphibians and plants.

What detergents affect plants?


What ingredients are in detergent that change plants?

Phosphates were once common in laundry detergents and are a macronutrient for plants. More modern laundry detergents are not good sources for phosphates.

What are the effects of detergents on aquatic plants?

it hurts the plant

Why are fertilizers and detergents useful?

Because they help plants grow and thrive.

What is the Bibliography of detergents affect plant growth?

It depends on what kinds of detergents you are using. If you have 100% natural organic detergent, it should have no effect on the plant growth. However, regular detergents have chemicals in them that would kill the nutrients in the soil. If you kill the soil, the plant would basically starve to death and die out.

Why are detergents harmful to a water animals?

Detergents are harmful to water animals because they contain chemicals that kill off their food supply. Detergents might also contain toxic chemicals that will poison water animals.

Can detergents kill bacteria?

Yes. The combination of detergents and very hot water, for cleaning, will kill almost all bacteria. Bacterial counts should be negligible after proper washing, rinsing and drying, thus not affecting health adversely.

Why is phosphate bad for dish detergents?

because detergents end up turning into dish water and draining into the ocean and that causes an algae bloom and that blocks out sun light for other plants and all the plants below the algae dies

What can you spray to kill plants?

herbicides to kill the plants, insecticides to kill insects

Can pests kill plants in one day?

Yes, plants can kill plants in one day.

Does cat urine kill plants?

No, Cat urine does not kill plants.

Does grass kill plants?

There is certain types of grass that kill plants, but normal yard grass will not, it also depends on the plants. But usually its the weeds that kill the plants, not the grass.

Do luandry detergents kill bacteria?

well if you need to now then there are two options YES and No take your pick

Does sweetened water kill plants?

No, it does not kill plants, it might be of some benefit to them.

Why are phosphates in fertilizer and laundry detergent?

Fertilizers:Provides plants with phospurous. Detergents: Helps soap dissolvein water.

Can you water your plants with laundry water?

yes, there term is "grey water" it does normally have traces or large amounts of soap and detergents in it - which can be toxic for plants over long periods of time. normally the water is collected settlement tanks where the scum, soap and detergents can be scrapped off the surface

Does milk kill plants?

yes, it does kill plants because it kill the roots of the plant and it doesnt have the right nutrients...=)

What is a catchy title for a science fair project how detergents effect plant growth?

There are a lot of catchy titles but the one that is remmonded is " Does it Help or Does it Kill?" Or... "Help or Kill?"

Why does oil kill plants?

Oil doesn't exactly kill plants, it just makes your plants grow slower.