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d3tThis is a complete guess but I think that it's maybe because the cold gets trapped in the container?

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โˆ™ 2007-08-19 02:49:58
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Q: How will water freeze faster in shallow containers?
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Does skim milk freeze faster that water?

water freeze faster

Does salt water or plain water freeze faster?

Pure water freeze faster.

What freeze faster salt water or water?

Water will freeze faster than salt water.

Which will freeze faster water or soda?

water will freeze faster do to the sugars andcarbohydratesin soda

What would freeze faster salt water sugar water or plain water?

The pure water freeze faster.

Why dos water freeze faster than vinegar?

Does water freeze faster than vinegar?

What if Sprite freeze faster than regular water?

I suppose that pure water freeze faster.

Does salt water freeze faster than sugar water?

no salt water does not freeze faster than sugar.

How do cold air and hot water make the water freeze faster?

Cold air and hot water makes water freeze faster simply because the hot water is steaming and so the result is that there is less water to freeze. hot water = steam = less water less water = faster freeze cold air = faster freeze

Does hot water freeze faster?

I do not know the answer but i think hot water will freeze faster than cold water. wizgirl says~ i do not believe that water will freeze faster. that does not make sense at all.

What will freeze faster salt water or plain water?

Salt water will freeze faster because salt soaks in heat, making the water colder faster

What freeze faster salt or water?


Does salt water freeze faster or water?

Salt water freezes faster.

What freezes faster water or juice?

Pure water freeze faster.

Does water or soda freeze faster?

Plain water will always freeze faster than a drink that is carbonated and/or sugary.

How can you make water freeze faster?

to make water freeze faster you put it some place that's colder.

Does orange juice freeze faster than water and soda?

no water and soda freeze faster:) hope i helped:)

Will soapy water freeze faster than fresh water?

No, it will freeze slower.

How fast does water freeze in different containers?

Well it depends what container.

Will water freeze differently in different containers?

The freezing point is the same.

Why does tap water freeze faster than pepper water?

its because tap water has diffrent liquids in it that make it freeze faster then pepper water.

Witch water will freeze faster cold water with salt or hot water with salt?

which water will freeze faster? cold water with salt or hot water with salt????

Does water freeze faster than milk?

no, milk is faster

What liquid will freeze the fastest oil or water why?

Water will freeze faster than oil.

Why does water freeze faster than other liquid?

It depends what other liquids there are. If the other liquid is less dense, then the other liquid will freeze faster, otherwise, water would freeze faster.