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u will know if they text call or all of a sudden want 2 be with u more.

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Why is Ex Boyfriend saying I love you?

Ex boyfriend is saying that to prove that he loves you. This is the case because he is remembering you and wants you back. If he did not want you back he would not have saved this.

Ex Boyfriend added me on facebook and is in a relationship?

Probably wants to know what you are up to. He could still care about you but does not want you back

How do you know when your ex boyfriend wants you back?

1. He starts calling you. 2. He so happens to be at every place that you're at 3. He wants to be friends but wants to hang out with you all the time 4. He said he wants to get back with you

What does it mean when boyfriend says You Got Me?

your boyfriend wants to know he can trust you ex: you got me if i fall

What do you do when your ex says he wants you back but you don't know if you still like him?

Thnk it over by yourself.It worked for me and he's still my boyfriend.

Is your ex boyfriend trying to make you jealous with his ex girl friend?

He might be trying to make you jealous, but he may also just want his ex- girlfriend back. In this case, usually your ex- boyfriend can try to make you jealous which can mean he wants you back and by making you jealous you will come back to him, or it can also mean he is trying to show you how much you need him, but you can't have him. The real answer is, no body can know other the the ex- boyfriend himself.

How do you get back your ex boyfriend if he has a new girlfriend and I am freshly broken up with someone and he know all about it?

You do absolutely nothing about your ex boyfriend considering he has a new girlfriend. If he loved you he would break up with his girlfriend and since he has not then he wants to be with her and you need to accept that. Just because you have broken up with your boyfriend it doesn't mean you can just step back into your ex boyfriend's life.

What should you tell your boyfriend after he tells you hes ex girlfriends wants him back?

Just ask about his ex but dont ask too much. And see if he really wants you or her

What do you do when you found out that your ex boyfriend wants you back?

well you say do you really love me if he say yes you can

Why do some ex boyfriends enjoy rubbing new girlfriend's in ex girlfriend face?

To make the ex-girlfriend jealous. Or the ex-boyfriend wants the ex-girlfriend back.

How do you know if your ex want you back?

If your ex wants you back he/she will call, text, or e-mail you ALL the time.

How do you know if your ex boyfriend really likes you?

he cant really like you if he is your ex he will be trying to get back with you then

What do you do if your ex-boyfriend get back to you?

i mean, if he's your ex-boyfriend he's your EX-boyfriend. that means...boyfriend.

What should you do when your ex wants you back but your boyfriend is great to you?

First, think of this in this way; your ex is not your current boyfriend for a reason, something happened, and that something may happen again and if it does you will have none.

How do you know if an ex boyfriend wants you back?

If he calls you, or comes by, or if you hear about him asking about you from any friends you and him share. Also, if you catch him looking at you when you two cross paths.

What should a girl do if she wants her ex boyfriend back she knows he loves her and she thinks he wants her back also so how should she go about fixing this problem?

All you can really do is let him know that you are willing to be there for him should he decide to come back to you. But chances are, if he still loves you and wants you back, he'll find a way to get back to you.

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