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i am sorry but i kissed another boy


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you ask her if she likes the guy if so - break up time if not - froget about the guy

If a guy kissed you and he has a girlfriend then he is a cheater. If he has a girlfriend, you should not date him or kiss him again until he is single.

I would say its time to find another boyfriend and girlfriend. I appears you can't trust either of them. You do not need this in your life.

Yes you should confront your girlfriend, she will most likely react annoyed as you went through her phone without permission. This could result in the termination (end) of the relationship.

Depending on wether you see the person around you girl friend most of the time then the guy must love your girlfriend,but if not it was just a friendly kiss.

well if he kissed you you just have to tell him, that was nice and that you like him and he might brake up with his girlfriend

This young man is trouble when he would kiss you and you know he has a girlfriend. Until he is no longer going with his girlfriend tell him to back off! If your not sure if he has another girlfriend, watch him like a hawk (at a distance without looking creepy)

You are jealous wen your girlfriend talks to another guy because you are insecure.

A guy kissed another guy cuz their gay

no he has not,andy sixx is straight he has a girlfriend named scout!

no he has never even kissed a guy

Well, a guy may ask that question to his girlfriend out of curiosity or perhaps he hopes that he is your first kiss.

It depends on how much he likes his girlfriend. The guy can not like his girlfriend at all, thus he will like another girl.

yeah he did have a girlfriend but when he died his girlfriend was dating another guy

No, Ian has never kissed a guy

beat the other guy up FIRST then break up with your girlfriend

Something must have driven her to the other guy.

Honestly, I think you should. Even if it ends the relationship, atleast you'll know for sure. If you pretend you don't know you'll never be able to trust her, and it might just be a misunderstanding. So yeah, confront her :)

That depends.. Did this guy like you another guy? Or just the same guy? How long were you at the coffee shop for? Because that could effect your choice on whether or not to kiss him.. it makes sense that he would like you if he kissed you

The worst thing a guy can do to hurt his girlfriend is by taking her off his phone number then dumping her then flirt with another girlfriend!

it means that you are worried that she will or jealous of her talking to and flirting with another guy

Yes. He kissed a guy in new york.

I do not understand why you ask this...first talk to your girlfriend and try to get as many things has you can out of her to see if she does really like another guy. If she does break up with her right then and there.

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