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Women and men are both physically and mentally at a different tune. How a woman falls in love is a fairly generalized but a very unastute question. Love is also a complex and psychologically abstract feeling. Often, love and hurt go hand in hand. And, there is often a delicate nurturing balance with love which can die just as quickly as it is felt. In general, men and women both feel lust first before they sense love. And, experience often means overtime one can become more perceptive of their feelings of love for someone. The sense of care and love also goes hand in hand for women. A woman can fall in love based on the way someone makes her feel about herself or about them. It can be an instant transition of feeling or happen over time. We are all individuals in the grand space of things and feel love in different ways. The way such feelings are translated are usually as a result of ones actions towards another. Women are more perceptive then men. Hence, usually have a stronger sense of their feelings. At same time, this makes them more open towards how others feel about them. Therefore, for a woman the translation of feelings of love are usually as a result of actions of another and the translation of such actions to how they feel about them as time progresses. No two women are alike, and sometimes it is two opposites attracting each other. Other times, it is two similar individuals attracting each other. But, it is usually the way an individual plays their cards with a woman that allows them to translated and transfer such feels in a more clear way towards love. It is also very easy for women to go in and out of love for one individual to another. But, they also have levels of translating their feelings as a result of their instinctive nature. For men, most things are black and white. But, for women, the whole idea of love is a grey area and it essentially means that in order for a woman to feel a sense of love, one has to provide them a feedback loop of set actions and reactions that would provide them the chemical balance to shift their feelings or atleast give them the opportunity to decide on their own. It is a bit like playing tic tac toe, someone has to start somewhere and then to nurture a set of feelings. Love also takes many forms depending on types of relationships.

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Yes, they can fall in love, just like two men or a man and a woman.

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He could fall in love with her at first sight - When he finds her: pretty/hot/sexy. (:

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u can love a women family member and not be gay but if u fall in love wida women u can be bi but it sounds like ur gay

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She can possibly make him fall in love with her by being his friend, but she will never make him attracted to her.

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That depends on the woman. It may take from, on average, a few days to a few weeks. Answer If a woman really lovessomeone she does not fall out of love in a few days or a few weeks. Even if the one she loves hurts her terribly with something, she will not fall of love that quickly even though she may leave the relationship.

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Definitely. Falling in love has nothing to do with sexual attraction.

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I think it means give into love, as in fall deeply in love :)

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Do they? definitely. Will they fall in love with their wife again? his the only one that knows. Will he fall in love again because he met another woman that has the qualities his been looking for? absolutely. Most married man can easily fall in love with another woman because she have somethings that his wife never gave to him. And when it comes to intimacy he only know the style him and his wife do but with the other woman its a bit different. The excitement is different than what he have with his wife. So it is easy for a married to fall in love again...

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it is when a man and a woman fall in love and you know the rest.

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A true man will fall in love with a woman for what is on the inside. No outward flaw could ever come between you.

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Women do not always fall in love easily. Find one that likes you, but you can't make someone like you.

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