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You are in Jones' class, aren't you.

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Q: How would Hershey and Chase's experimental results been altered had they chosen a different more complicated viral model system?
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What is a group that is altered in an experiment?

The experimental group is altered because it is affected by the experimental variable.

What does experimental variable mean?

It's the variable in an experiment that is being modified or altered. For example, if I compare two sunflowers to see which will last the longest and put one in the shade instead of the sun, that sunflower is the experimental variable because I altered it.

What is the opposite of unchanged?

changed, different, altered,

What does altered mean?

(v.) To change or make different; modify: altered my will. (v.) To adjust (a garment) for a better fit. (v.) To change or become different.

Why do most experiments have both control and experimental groups?

Because they need to compare the experimental groups with something. They have the experimental group in which they experiment on and the control group in which they don't experiment. After they finish experimenting with the experiment group they compare it with the control groups to check what changed and what has been altered between these 2 groups.

1973 penny with a Hershey kiss on it and the pa state?

It's a privately-made novelty item, almost certainly from the gift shop at the Hershey Chocolate factory or another store in that city. They took ordinary cents and used a metal punch to add the other designs. Because it's an altered coin it has no value to coin collectors, although there are niche collectors of Hershey memorabilia who might be interested in it.

What happens when the number of protons in an element are altered?

When the number of protons in an atom of an element is altered, that atom becomes an atom or ion of a different element.

How is the online rendering of periodical different from the printed version?

It can be altered AFTER it is posted..

How do you spell changed?

That is the correct spelling of the word "changed" (altered, different).

What name is give to variables that are kept the same during an experiment?

Potential variables that are kept the same during an experiment are control variables.The values being altered and tested are experimental variables.

Does a smashed can have a different mass than a full can?

No. An object's mass is not altered by its volume.

What is the definition of varied?

Modified and/or altered. Having different kinds or forms; diverse.

What happens to an atom when the number of electrons changes?

Its oxidation state is altered. This may mean it accepts a different type or different number of bonds. It may also be accompanied by a radical colour change. The charge is also altered.

What can happen when a mutation in Dna occurs?

Wow, several different approaches to this Answer: One, for sure is when the primary Sequence of Dna is Altered, so is It's pattern of Expression also altered. This Results in Altered 'Patterns of Expression', and altered Protein Products. The most significant Follow-up is: How do the Dna mutations, reflected in and through altered protein products, significantly Affect the Cell's functions.

What happens if you mix different brands of insulin such as NovoRapid and Lantus?

You will have your blood glucose level altered

What is the difference between Giratina in its Origin and Altered formes?

They learn different moves from the move tutor.

Which air mass often originates as a different air mass in Siberia and is subsequently altered?


This air mass often originates as a different air mass in Siberia and is subsequently altered?

This air mass often originates as a different air mass in Siberia and is subsequently altered is cP. The air mass that originates over the ocean is the maritime air mass.

What is an altered cow called?

You mean an altered BULL. An altered bull is called a steer.

When was Altered State - Altered State album - created?

Altered State - Altered State album - was created on 1991-08-27.

How do you write a sentence using altered?

The book had clearly been altered. She altered my dress so it fit me. If your ticket is altered in any way, you cannot get into the concert.

A seven letter word that means different?

unalike, varying, changed, altered, unknown, strange, unusual

What are colorized coins?

Colorized coins are coins that have different colors added to them. They may have been altered with different designs, or the colorization may be the original intent.

Can you use the word altered in a sentence?

She never altered her answer

Can amount of electronic check be altered?

No, it cannot be altered.