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If you want to spend the rest of your life with a low-paying job, living in a tiny appartment and spending all of your spare time working for minimum wage, then go ahead. But you will realize when you try to find a job, that it is extremely hard to find one when you haven't even graduated high school. Stay in school. -DJ Craig

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โˆ™ 2005-11-16 00:52:29
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Q: How would a 17-year-old get a full-time job so he can quit school?
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What age can a child quit school in pa?

you can quit school when ever you want to. all you have to do is drop out. Get more details on quitting school. It would be educative and you would even refer your friends who are also planning to quit school.

Do you have to quit school to accept suitable work for unemployment benefits?

I don't see why you would have to quit school. It looks like you are putting everything in reverse order. Are you trying to quit school so you can get a job in order to quit the job and get unemployment?

How to quit school in fayette county west virginia?

Just die to quit

Did Walt Disney quit school?

Yes, Walt Disney did quit high school

Can a parrent sighn for a child to quit school in VA?

Yes, a parent can sign for a child to quit school in the state of Virginia. If you do quit school, it is highly recommended that you get your GED.

Can you quit school in South Carolina and still get a drivers license?

well that depends. you would probably have to go to your board of education and ask them. and anyway if you quit school your not going to have a very good job just stay in school.

What is the Legal age a child can quit school in Kentucky?

the legal age to quit school in Kentucky is 16. i quit last year. don't quit. give it another try.

What is the legal age a person can quit school in the state of Georgia?

legal age to quit school

George Washington quit school in what grade?

He was privately tutored, so never quit school

What age may one quit school in Illinois?

any age, you probably can't quit k-8th, but you can quit high school and collage

Did Al Pacino quit school at age 17?

yes. maybe 18, but he did quit high school.

When can you quit school?

16 in Canada (when you should quit is a different case)

How can a 17 year old quit high school in California?


When did Elvis quit high school?

Elvis didn't quit High School and successfully graduated from Humes High School in the Class of 1953.

Can you quit school?

It depends.

Should you quit school?


Age when a child can quit school in Florida?

With parental consent, a student may quit school at age 16.

Legal age a child can quit school in NC?

16 is the legal age that a person can quit school in NC.

How do you talk your parents into letting you quit school?

If you are not old enough, you cannot legally quit school, parents permission or not.

Can 16 quit school in New York state?

can 16 year old quit school in newyork state

Can a 16 year old quit school?

Tip, don't quit school, sometimes it is fun and it helps you alot in the future.

What is the legal age a child can quit school?

9th grade, But you would be making the biggest mistake of your life.

Why did shakespeare quit school?

It's not certain that he did. If he did, it would be because his father could no longer afford the fees.

Can a sixteen year old lose license because they quit school in AL?

Can they lose a license they already have because they quit school? No.

What legal age for mi to quit school?

The legal age to quit school is at age 18. Depending on the state's rules and regulations.