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depends on where in NY you live

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Do you have to be a licensed private investigator to be a skiptracer in GA?

no you do not have to be licensed

Is hiring a private investigator stalking?

No, hiring a licensed private investigator to get proof of cheating, etc., is not considered stalking.

Where can we find information about gaining private investigator certification?

A licensed private investigator, or PI, is a person who completes investigations, usually at the request of a private citizen or a company. Licensed Private Investigators often work for attorneys in civil cases or on behalf of defense attorneys.

What happens if you you take a private investigator job and are not licensed?

You could very well be arrested for peeping into peoples private lives.

How can I get a license to be a private investigator?

You need to get a degree in something like criminal justice. Then you have to take some more courses after that to get licensed as a private investigator. It requires a lot of work, but it is worth it, as the best investigators get paid very well.

What does private detective and investigator means?

yes a private investigator be used

What do I need to do to get licensed to be a private investigator?

Some states don't require a license but in the states that do you have to pass a test. Take a training course!

Where can I get some private investigator training?

The best source for private investigator training is at private investigator academy or at a local university that has the program. Those are the best sources.

Can you become a private investigator if you have been convicted of a felony?

Most states do NOT allow convicted felons to be licensed as a private investigator. That being said, some states (Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri and South Dakota) do not require licensure at all.

Do you need a license in Florida to bodyguard?

Yes. I called and they said you have to be a licensed PI (Private Investigator) with a Class C or Class CC license.

What is a private investigator job?

A private investigator is hired by a client to find information. Generally the private investigator is hired because the client does not want others to know he or she is looking for the information.

How do you prove your wife is lesbian for divorce purpose?

You would need to discuss it with your attorney and hire a private investigator.You would need to discuss it with your attorney and hire a private investigator.You would need to discuss it with your attorney and hire a private investigator.You would need to discuss it with your attorney and hire a private investigator.

Where are a few private investigator jobs in Kansas?

There are very many private investigaotor jobs in Kansas. For example, in Topeka, you can find many private investigator jobs there. You can also find private investigator jobs in the areas around there.

What law allows a private investigator in California to carry an exposed firearms?

In the United States, acts are legal, unless there is a specific law making them illegal. A licensed California Private Investigator who also has a Bureau of Security and Investigative Services Exposed Firearms Permit may carry exposed.

What do you do after private investigator training?

After the training, you should focus yourself with getting a job. Since you got private investigator training, you might become a police investigator.

What are private investigator lessons?

A private investigator is privately hired individual. They are usually self self employeed and receive work this way. Private investigator lessons are classes or courses that are taught to educate you in this field.

What do private detective courses teach you?

1.How to Become a Private Investigator 2.Investigator Training | Detective Training Institute - A Private ...

Why is a private detective called a Private eye?

They were Private Investigators. Investigator. I= eye.

What does PI mean on a text messengers?

Private Investigator or Private I

What is the colloquial for 'private investigator'?

Private Dick. - - - - - "Gumshoe"

What is gumshoe?

A detective or a private investigator.

Can a private investigator be sued?


Where is a private investigator job located at?

Private investigators can work almost anywhere. They often work independently, establishing their own business, but may also work with law enforcement.

Will a private investigator invade someone's privacy?

This depends first and foremost on the particular private investigator and what you consider to be an invasion of privacy. So yes, a private investigator could invade a person's privacy (although such actions may not necessarily be legal).

How much should I pay a private investigator?

The question is not easy to answer. The salary of private investigator depends upon the nature of task assigned to the investigator and the time frame provided to him. Salary should be reasonable.