How would a married man and his wife feel if he got caught cheating?

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It depends on the man, but if we're talking about the classic married man stereotype, he would feel guilt (or proud or even not-caring, depends on the man).
The wife would feel a lot of guilt and anger.
The man would feel guilt not because of his mistress but because he got caught.
The wife would feel guilt because she would get the idea that she couldn't satisfy her husband sexually; she would feel anger because of the obvious fact that the man she was married to was penetrating another woman.
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Why would a newly-married man cheat on his wife?

he always was and always will be a cheater beware of the diseases he will bring home no charge. I can't think of any acceptable situation for someone to cheat on their spouse. "Too eager and forward" Huh? It is irrelevant if the woman was totally naked and climbing all over him. He had a choi ( Full Answer )

You got caught cheating on your wife?

The catch phrase is 'you got caught' cheating on your wife. The bond of trust that is given between two people in a relationship is fractured and if she decides to give you a second chance then it will take a long while for her to trust you again. Cheating is a loser's game because you could eithe ( Full Answer )

How do men feel after they got caught cheating?

Everyone will react differently, i think it depends why they have cheated. Some people may have got carried away and made a mistake, in this case i think they would feel incredibly guilty and ashamed of themselves, they may be afraid of loosing you due to this mistake and hide it from you. If this h ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when married man got caught cheating and moved in with mistress?

When a married man gets caught cheating by his wife and then moves in with his mistress nine chances out of ten he is immature; selfish and if he loved the mistress he would have had the fortitude to leave his wife before he got caught. A man who lives with his mistress after being caught cheating b ( Full Answer )

Why would a married man tell you he was getting attached to you but got caught cheating and now denies he ever said that to you?

Because he got caught cheating. He is attempting to salvage whatever he can salvage. When men are cheating on their wives, it generally isn't wise to think that they will defend their actions with the other women when the game is up. If they will cheat on their wives, the women they cheat with aren' ( Full Answer )

Why would a married man use his kids as an excuse to stay with his wife after he got caught cheating to his mistress?

The man is married with children! It is the mistress that is in the wrong and he's wrong for cheating on his wife. He is not using his children as an excuse. Most men simply use a mistress for sex and if the mistress thinks she will win him over then she is in for a big surprise. Most men go back to ( Full Answer )

If a married man cheated on his wife with u and got caught and tells you he is staying with his wife and he dont want to lose everything and his life is half over anyway is that just an excuse 2 stay?

My advice is stop seeing him altogether. I'm sure he wishes things could continue on as they have been, but he's the only one who seems to benefit from it. Neither you nor she will ever have him all to yourselves. He is married to her. There are much better guys out there for you. You deserve to hav ( Full Answer )

If the married man u were messing with got caught cheating by his wife and u and him work together n since getting caught he stopped talking 2 u because he has stuff going on at home what's that mean?

Sweetie, that means he no longer wants to mess around with you.. He was caught and when men get caught...either they rebel hardcore or they end it completely. Eventually he may talk to you again. Right now, i wouldn't push it, just give him some space and room to breathe.

What does it mean when the married man says he wants to stay with his wife after he got caught cheating but when his mistress asked if he's going to counseling he says no?

Most mistresses are simply 'fill ins' to soothe the man's ego (feeling young again) and it is most definitely about sex. Some married men can simply get bored living with the same woman; there may be stresses between him and his wife or, they find it difficult to commit to one woman. The mistress is ( Full Answer )

Why do married men think that if they stop talking to the mistress it will make them feel closer to their wife and everything will be ok when they got caught cheating?

They don't, they are lying, they are just keeping their heads down for as long as the storm lasts. they would not have jumped into bed wit h another woman in the first place if they felt that way. ANSWER: Let me just say this- from my past experience when my husband stop talking to his mistress ( Full Answer )

If a married man was paranoid about getting caught in the first place but still cheated for 6 mths then got caught would he ever do it again from a cheating man's point of view?

Yes - if given the opportunity... Cheaters have to demonstrate: 1) lying to make it happen, 2) selfishness to do it, and 3) disrespect to their partner "taking" another without giving you the opportunity to do so (i.e. leave the relationship). If you think all of those character flaws just get "inst ( Full Answer )

Would your Virgin wife cheat if you got caught cheating?

virgin wife? your married and she is a virgin that doesn't make much sense but if she is truly a virgin then no she wouldn't cheat , she would leave you and find someone who truly appreciates her while living off of alimony from you, so id get a moral check if i was you.

Would a married man want to be friends again with his mistress after he got caught cheating with her?

very unlikely...unless that man is VERY forgiving or is desperate ANSWER; You got to be kidding right? If your husband told you that he don't want to loose his mistress friendship, he never really wanted to stop talking to her. Do you think if you let him stay friend with his ex mistress, h ( Full Answer )

Would a married man ever go back to his mistress if his wife decides to stay with him after she caught him cheating?

Absolutely. It is extremely difficult to change people. That being said after he has broken the trust in their marriage it will also be very difficult to regain the trust. If he continues to cheat with the mistress he is the worst type of man alive and the wife should leave this sleazy loser immedia ( Full Answer )

Does a married man ever think about his ex mistress when he stopped seeing her because he got caught cheating especially when he sees her at work everyday but yet stayed with wife?

it depends what the person is like. yes if he really cared about you. ANSWER: I think it depends on the married man, there are married men that become obsess towards his mistress because she is the first woman he slept with other than his wife. When and if this happens the married man become mor ( Full Answer )

Why would a married man not talk to his ex mistress now knowing he wanted to before he got caught cheating when he said he cared about her?

Mistresses come under the heading of 'a kept woman.' Keeping a woman means the man in question is generally sexually attracted to her; may ply her with gifts; take her out or keep her hidden (depending on the man.) Of course he wanted you before because he wanted excitement and sex in his life and w ( Full Answer )

Why would a married man try to hide his wedding ring from his ex mistress when he hasn't worn it before until he got caught cheating?

For several decades cheating men always took their wedding band off if they had one so they would appear single. Women were informed more openly back in the 1940s and 1950s to look for a wedding band and some men were none too bright and would have a tan and when they took off the wedding band a whi ( Full Answer )

What are the chances a married man would cheat again after getting caught cheating and feeling guilty about it?

High. It is clear he doesn't mind cheating and has no guilt about it. I would leave him. ANSWER: The chances will be greater, even if he got caught and maybe trying to fix things with his wife, give him 2-3 months when he gets bored and having that itch again he will do it and not care about th ( Full Answer )

If a married man is on a tight rope by wife after getting caught cheating would he be scared to talk to his ex mistress again when they were friends b4 the affair?

There are different reasons on why people cheat. You need to reevaluate your marriage with your spouse. You both need to communicate and have the desire to save your marriage. It will take time and TRUST!! During this time there will be the trust issue. You both need to communicate your needs to eac ( Full Answer )

Why would a Married man who got caught cheating still talk to the mistress?

It could be that this married man don't want to loose his mistress, even though that his affair is been discovered. No one can force him to stop except his wife or family, but if he ignores the wishes of his wife I think its time for him to think about moving out of the house. If his only thinking a ( Full Answer )

Why would a married man who got caught cheating stop sleeping with his mistress but still contact her daily as a friend?

Probably because he wants to move on smoothly, not abruptly ANSWER: Could it be that this married man fell in love with his ex mistress? I don't know the situation between you and your husband but what you need to do is talk to him, tell him how you feel. Contacting this woman is not going to he ( Full Answer )

Why would a married man stop talking 2 his ex mistress when you know he wanted to stay friends with her but since he got caught cheating doesnt talk to her anymore?

OK, your obviously the same person that keeps writing a million questions about an ex mistress and the husband and wife... its a clear assumption that YOU are the mistress and honestly maybe the guy doesn't want to have anything to do with you anymore because your "over the top" obsessive! like c'mo ( Full Answer )

If a married man had feelings for his ex mistress would he cut off contact with her after getting caught cheating so he wouldn't cheat again with her knowing he was with her 20 times?

Really depends on the guy, but 9 out of 10 times, once a cheater always a cheater. I went through this with my husband about 5 yrs ago, he cheated, he got caught, he supposedly cut off contact, but went looking for her again. Finally she cut off all contact. Cheaters are always cheaters.

If a married man had one mistress in his whole life who he was friends with but doesnt see anymore because he got caught cheating if he cheated again would he go back to her?

Usually the man would go back to her because he knows no matter what that she will satisfy him although he doesn't really want to be with her. ANSWER: There are some married man that will go back to his ex mistress. The relationship they had was different from his wife and himself. The bond that ( Full Answer )

If a married man cheats for the 1st time on his wife with another woman and does it 20 times until he got caught if he has sex with wife again would he feel different after being with another woman?

Definitely, and it depends if his wife let him back to their bedroom. Not because the wife forgave her husband, it doesn't mean that they can continued where they left off. Infidelity will be hard to fix, especially if the married man fell in love with his mistress. The wife will have a hard time ha ( Full Answer )

If a married man said he cheated for the excitement and that ended when he was caught if he stayed with wife would he do it again for the excitement with the same girl?

Most married men who have an affair is all about the excitement of doing the forbidden life. A lot of men do go back on cheating all over again because they know t if the get caught, they will be forgiven again. There will be a few married men that will do it because they miss the excitement like be ( Full Answer )

If a married man stopped talking to his mistress after getting caught cheating and she ask him y did your wife tell you too and he said no why would he lie if she did?

I guess this married man realize that he will loose a lot if he continued seeing you. What ever this married man and his wife talk about, is your business. You don't have the right to be concern nor upset that he lie to you ,if he really lie to you. You knew that he is married when he approaches you ( Full Answer )

Why some married man resent his wife after he got caught cheating?

It is called 'cheating' because it is sneaking around and the person cheating may get a rush from sneaking with the enticement they well may be caught, but when they are caught by the wife it is game over and the husband is left standing there looking like a deer staring into headlights and it anger ( Full Answer )

Why would a man cheat get caught and quickly marry the girl he is cheating with?

The percentage of a man having a mistress (cheating on his spouse or, if it is a girlfriend) is low when it comes to marrying the girl he is cheating with. However, there is a small percentage that love the girl they are cheating with and the man doesn't have the backbone to tell his mate about her ( Full Answer )

Why would a newly married man cheat on his wife?

basically some guys are like that. they may see a woman after being married that's very attractive probably has big boobs and butt dresses sexier than their wife.