How would a married man and his wife feel if he got caught cheating?

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It depends on the man, but if we're talking about the classic married man stereotype, he would feel guilt (or proud or even not-caring, depends on the man).
The wife would feel a lot of guilt and anger.
The man would feel guilt not because of his mistress but because he got caught.
The wife would feel guilt because she would get the idea that she couldn't satisfy her husband sexually; she would feel anger because of the obvious fact that the man she was married to was penetrating another woman.
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Why would a married man use his kids as an excuse to stay with his wife after he got caught cheating to his mistress?

The man is married with children! It is the mistress that is in the wrong and he's wrong for cheating on his wife. He is not using his children as an excuse. Most men simply u

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Why would a Married man who got caught cheating still talk to the mistress?

It could be that this married man don't want to loose his mistress, even though that his affair is been discovered. No one can force him to stop except his wife or family, but
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Definitely, and it depends if his wife let him back to their bedroom. Not because the wife forgave her husband, it doesn't mean that they can continued where they left off. In
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Why some married man resent his wife after he got caught cheating?

It is called 'cheating' because it is sneaking around and the person cheating may get a rush from sneaking with the enticement they well may be caught, but when they are caugh