How would a narcissist abuser react when he ignored you for a week and you just met someone else and now ignore his calls to get back with you and are you in any danger?

What makes you think anyone can answer this question? Do you think the world's stocked with mind readers? YOU'RE the one who knows this narcissist abuser, not anyone out here; YOU should be better equipped to predict the reaction, based on past behaviour. Here's an even better question: Why do so many women CHOOSE to get in and then stay (and sometimes return to) relationships with these types of men? The fact is you do know the narcissist any more than we do. If he wasn't abusive verbally (calling you names and demeaning you) or physically abusing you (hitting, pushing, shoving, slapping, punching or doing bodily damage such as split lips, black eyes, missing teeth, etc.) then he should be of no danger to you, but may become a nuisance. It's possible he'll just keep moving on. If he should try to contact you stand your ground and DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE, EMAIL OR IM. Good luck hon Chances are that since you are asking the question you might consider taking steps to protect yourself. Changing locks or even telephone numbers could give you peace of mind, but if he even once acts like a stalker you need allies, like friends and family to just talk and stay up-to-date on what he did and how you responded. They can each offer a new perspective and different suggestions. If you think bodily harm to you is imminent, please consider staying at someones house, seeking a safe house or even seeking a restraining order if there's a clear historical pattern, especially if his abuse has resulted in law officers getting involved. Most important to remember, you are completely entitled to demand your own physical and emotional safety!