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You should discuss this with the Priest in the parish in which you want her to be baptized. If you are already Catholic, this should not be a big problem. If you are not, you may need to convert yourself. Chat with the priest and he'll take care of you. For the child there is no problem; because he does not understand any of this rituals. It's the parents because of their brain-washing that have problem. That's why the Amish don't baptize children. They wait until the child come of age where he now understand baptism And he can therefore opt to be baptized or reject it. I don't see any significance in baptism. Even Jesus himself did not baptize others. And if St. John, really believes that Jesus is god, then why did he continued with his ministry instead of following Jesus?

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What is rebaptized?

Being baptized again.

Can a Catholic be baptise again in In a Pantecostal church and remain a catholic?

There is only one baptism. You cannot be re-baptized, it is invalid. If you are re-baptized in a Pentecostal church, you have essentially renounced your Catholic faith.

How do you get baptized in a pentecostal church?

You get immersed in water in the Name of Jesus

Was Hitler baptized Catholic?

Yes, Adolf Hitler was baptized a Catholic.

Can teens be baptized in Catholic church?

Yes. Anyone who is not already validly baptized can be baptized in the Catholic Church.

Must a Catholic child be baptized in a Catholic church?

Yes, a Catholic child should be baptized in a Catholic church.

Was Adolf Hitler a baptized Catholic?

Yes, Adolf Hitler was baptized a Catholic.

Was Mary Mackillop baptized a Catholic?

Yes, she was baptized as a Catholic while still an infant.

How old do you have to be to be baptized in the Catholic religion?

There is no minimum or maximum age to be baptized in the Catholic Church.

Are you a Catholic if you are Christened?

You are a Catholic if you were baptized in a Catholic Church, or validly baptized elsewhere and accepted into the Church in a formal ceremony.

What denominations baptized by in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit?

Most pentecostal

How do you get baptized into a Catholic Church?

Roman Catholic AnswerTalk to your nearest Catholic priest, he will talk to you and tell you what is necessary, in your circumstances, to be baptized.

What religion was Hitler baptized into as a baby?

A:Hitler was baptized a Catholic. Obviously,he was not a very good Catholic.

Can children of a remarriage by a divorced Catholic be raised in the Catholic faith?

Roman Catholic AnswerOf course, if the child is baptized, it is required that he be raised in the Catholic faith. If a child is not baptized, there must be reasonable assurance that he will be raised in the faith, to be baptized.

Do you have to be baptized in the Catholic Church to be Catholic?

yes, you have to be baptized in a catholic church in order to be catholicRoman Catholic AnswerNo, you must be baptized or received into the Church by a priest, if you have received Baptism previously in a protestant denomination and it is valid. If they are not sure of the validity of it, they will conditionally baptize you.

If you are baptized are you Catholic or Christian?

I have always been led to believe if you are baptized you are Catholic Christian and if your are christened you are a Protestant.

Do you have to be baptized to take communion at church?

To receive the Eucharist in a Catholic Church you must be a Catholic and you must be baptized.

If your father is Catholic are you considered Catholic by the Catholic Church?

To be considered Catholic by the Church, you must be baptized in the Catholic Church, or else properly baptized in another church and formally received into the Catholic Church by a priest. Being born to Catholic parents isn't enough. You can be the Pope's nephew, but if you haven't been baptized, you are not Catholic.

What is the age of baptism in the Catholic church?

Anyone who is not already bapized can be baptized in the Catholic Church. Most Catholic families have their children baptized when they are infants.

Do you have to be baptized in a Catholic Church?

If you wish to be a Catholic, yes you will need to be baptized, unless you have received a valid baptism elsewhere.

Can children be baptized Orthodox and Catholic?

No, a person can be baptized only once.

How old are babies when they get baptized?

In the Catholic Church, it is felt that the sooner the baby is baptized, the better. Most Catholic parents have their children baptized within a few weeks of birth.

Do you have to be a baptized Catholic to be a Eucharistic Minister?

Yes, you must be a Catholic.

Are you born Catholic?

No you are not a born catholic but you can be born into a family that is catholic. To become catholic you must be baptized

Can you have your child baptized if you are not Catholic?

Yes of course you can. Baptism is not exclusive to the Roman Catholic religion Answer: As per the Roman Catholic Faith if the parents are not baptized in the Roman Catholic Church then the child cannot be baptized in church. The Child can receive the sacrament of Baptism when he/she turns into an adult and wishes to be a part of Catholic faith.