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There are many credit card processing companies that allow you to use telephones to access their processing services. The discount rate for this is usually quite a bit higher than with an electronic transaction. Also, there are some new wireless terminal devices that may work in your environment. You may want to do a quick internet search for credit card processing and/or wireless point of sale terminals - you should get a lot of hits.

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Q: How would a person with an uninhabitable workplace for credit card equipment go about accepting credit cards?
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What is the journal entry for accepting a donated piece of equipment?

debit equipmentcredit donation

What is the purchase of equipment on credit recorded by?

A debit to equipment and a credit to liability

The purchase of equipment on credit is recorded by?

Debit to Equipment and a credit to Accounts Payable

Which companies are accepting credit card payments at the moment?

There are many companies that are accepting credit card payments at the moment. These companies include, but are not limited to, McDonald's, Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon.

Accepting credit for someone elses works is an example of what?

This can be consider to be plagiarism.

What are the advantages of accepting credit card sales?

wth out doing that you have no credit score and take the oppurtunity to get a better score

How can a small business begin to accept a credit card for payment?

A small business can begin to start accepting credit cards for payment by setting up a merchant account with their bank or financial institution. The business will next need to obtain processing equipment through their financial institution.

Does accepting a pre-approved credit card lower your credit score?

Generally, anything you do that takes on more debt will lower your credit score.

What is the essential difference in accepting credit cards in transacting business compared with accepting debit card?

When you purchase with credit cards, the transaction is on credit while when you purchase with debit card, the transaction is considered cash sale because the amount is directly deducted from your bank account.

Where do you get equipment needed to run credit cards and what is the cost?

The type of equipment you will need to run credit cards first depends on the situations in which you take credit cards, be it in-person or

When did dollar tree begin accepting credit cards?

a few years ago

Journal entry for purchases?

Example 1: A company purchased $12,000 equipment and paid in cash.Debit Equipment $12,000 (Increase in asset)Credit Bank $12,000 (Decrease in asset)Example 2: A company purchased $12,000 equipment in credit.Debit Equipment $12,000 (Increase in asset)Credit Supplier $12,000 (Increase in Liability)Example 3: A company purchased $12,000 equipment and paid in $10,000 Cast and $2,000 on credit.Debit Equipment $ 12,000 (Increase in asset)Credit Bank $ 10,000 (Decrease in asset)Credit Supplier $ 2,000 (Increase in Liability)

What is an example of credit card?

You just need to find a good website such as the related link below, accepting international credit cards as well as domestic credit cards.

Primary functions of commercial bank?

Accepting deposits,advances of loan ,credit creation

What is the journal entry for a purchase of equipment when you want to charge half of the cost to the tenant?

[Debit] Equipment [Credit] Cash / bank (half) [Credit] Tenant

What are the cons of accepting credit cards?

One con of accepting and using a credit card can be a possible decline in one's credit score if one has too much credit on the card or if one makes late payments. Another con can be that one may get deep into debt or stuck with a high interest rate that one finds difficult to pay off.

Is equipment debit or credit?

equipment is a long-term asset and assets increase with debits and decrease with credits. So if you buy equipment, you will debit equipment and credit cash if you bought it with cash. If you bought the equipment with a promise to pay (I was trying to avoid using the phrase "bought on credit" because it might make things confusing), you will credit accounts payable in liabilities because they increase with credit (basically the amount of money you are "liable" for just went up! Good news is that you have the equipment you needed/wanted) In the end, Assets = Liabilities + Stock Holder's equity has to balance out!

Would accepting credit cards increase or decrease your bottom line?

AnswerWhen looking into accepting credit cards, remember that credit card transactions and credit card processing are a business in itself. The main goal of merchant account providers and credit card companies is to make money. This is a business that you are paying for. Therefore, it is important to evaluate whether the costs you pay for accepting credit cards are worth it in relation to the benefits it provides your business.The money your business pays for accepting credit cards is called ?interchange.? Interchange is ?the clearing and settlement system in which raw data is exchanged between the acquirer and the issuing bank.? Although you may be quoted one rate for this service, everything depends on how your account is set up before the rates you pay are actually determined. To receive the best rates possible, it is important to understand how the costs will affect your revenue.Evaluating the costs is the trickier part of the equation. The benefits that your business would derive from accepting credit are easier to identify. The one thing all customers seem to desire is more options. Accepting credit cards provides your customers another option for making payments, and they will be more willing to buy something because they don?t have to worry about having the actual money for it right now. Also, accepting credit gives you unlimited ability to reach new customers. Some customers prefer not to patronize a business in which they can?t use credit, so accepting credit will open you up to a whole new customer base.Most importantly, accepting credit will add tremendous profits to your bottom line. Profits generated from credit cards will keep your employees paid, allow you to pay for better healthcare for your employees, and offer better discounts and services to your customers.Therefore, you must evaluate the total cost of accepting credit cards (including all payments and fees) and weigh that against your customer base. After evaluating your customers, including what they buy, how much they spend, and what forms of payment they use; it will be easier for you to realize whether accepting credit cards would truly benefit your

How do you record a journal entry for donating equipment?

debit equipment accountcredit donations

How do you record a journal entry for donated equipment?

debit equipment accountcredit donation

What is journal entry for equipment purchase made with cash?

debit equipmentcredit cash

How do you record a journal entry for sale of equipment?

Debit cash / bankCredit equipment

What is journal entry owner widraws equipment from business?

debit drawingscredit equipment

Is equipment a debit or credit?

it is a credit because more than likely the job is paying for it

What is the process to be accepted into a IQ Credit Union?

Every IQ Credit Union Business Checking account comes with features and benefits. To be accepted into a IQ Credit Union you have to be accepting credit and debit cards for payment.