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Athletes are no different then anyone else. They can have problems at home, school, relationships, etc., which takes their mind off concentrating on the athletic sport they are in. Timing, strength and endurance are all part of the performance. Sometimes a psychiatrist is called in to see what is going on with the athlete because if the athlete is very troubled and worries about failing in their sport they can turn to uppers, downers, steroids, or even take over the counter medications in hopes of helping themselves. As we all know drug testing is going on big time in many sports. Remember, we are not totally healthy until we have conquered mind, body and soul. Miracles never cease when you have all 3. Psychologists are used all the time by both individuals and teams to help them understand motivation, teamwork etc.

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What is the benefit of being an olympic athlete?

The benefit of being an Olympic athlete might include fame and notoriety. Another benefit could include increased earning potential later in life due to that fame.

Why is sponsorship important to a athlete?

Sponsorship provides an extra income and/or financial benefit for an athlete. It also can provide equipment and resources for other athlete.

Symptoms shown when in need of psychiatrist?

There arnt specific symptoms for requiring the help of a psychiatrist as such but if your behaviour becomes abnormal for you and you or friends or family notice these changes becomming a problem for you then you may benefit from the help of a psychiatrist.

What do you have to major in to be a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor with psychological training. Psychology would be essential.

Do you need a psychologist or a psychiatrist?

Generally speaking, one would see a psychologist first, who would then refer to a psychiatrist if necessary.

In the scenario if Dr Green thought that Jane could benefit from a mild anti-depressant medication what would she probably do?

suggest she and her mom talk to their family doctor or a psychiatrist =D

A French athlete?

What specifically would you like to know about a French athlete?

How can you design a shoe for an athlete?

Well, it would be pretty hard to design a shoe for a professional athlete, but I guess if you had a design that a shoe company liked, and you knew an athlete, you might be able to get that athlete to send it to a brand and they could say:A shoe from _____(shoe company) for ______(your athlete) designed by ______(your name).But if you didn't know an athlete, you would probably have to send the design to the shoe company then they would send it to the athlete.

Is an athlete a hero?

The definition of a hero is someone who does an act that is brave, courageous and selfless for the benefit of others. If an athlete does such a thing, then s/he could be a hero. Winning a game or being a start athlete is not an act of heroism according to the definition of a hero.

If you were an athlete who would you be and why?

a runner

Why would and athlete be desconsolate after a big game?

An athlete would be disconsolate after a big game as a result of failing to win.

Why did your friends psychiatrist tell her not to talk to you?

We assume that he or she thinks that to do so would be harmful to your friend in some way. You would have to ask your friend's psychiatrist. We do not have enough information.

What athletes would benefit from using a sports drink to meet their hydration needs?

no athlete would benefit from energy drinks, but if you are talking about drinking something like Powerade or Gatorade that would be fine. It's clinically proven that if you drink some Gatorade swish it around in your mouth, then spit it out, and drink a tiny bit of water, you get the most energy. So yes in a way sports drinks do benefit athletes.

Which professionals would most likely be called upon to treat a person suffering from a dangerous level of schizophrenia?

This would probably be a psychiatrist. A major difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is that a psychiatrist can prescribe medication, which is often used in treating schizophrenia.

How much does a professional athlete make a day?

If the athlete made $1,000,000 a year, they would make $2,739 a day. But really it depends on the Athlete.

What would your pay be yearly as a psychiatrist in the UK?

The yearly pay of a psychiatrist in the UK is around 24,000 pounds for entry level. A psychiatrist with consultant status earns around 70,000 to 90,000 pounds a year.

Why does an increase in vital capacity benefit athlete?

An increase in vital capacity benefits an athlete because it gives him more stamina. Individuals are capable of pushing themselves longer and harder because their breathing has expanded.

Would a psychiatrist be called for someone suffering from schizophrenia?

Yes, because a psychiatrist can prescribe medicine and medicine is one way to treat schizophrenia.

What would an athlete eat for breakfast?


Why would an athlete use an amphetamine?

To cheet.

Sentences with benefit?

She would benefit from a makeover.

Would a medicine and health care or a psychology program be better for an aspiring psychiatrist?

To become a psychiatrist one must first become a medical doctor.

What actors and actresses appeared in Freeriders - 1998?

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That person would be a professional athlete because the sport he or she is part of is paying them to play.

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