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How would baseball be different if it were played in space instead of earth?


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the ball will go on forever unless it hit another object

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The Earth would somehow live in a different way. We would somehow be living on something else instead of air.

the earth is tilted more instead of how it is tilted in the summer

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Then time on Earth would go backwards instead of forwards.

The moon it has been told to be called the Phases of the moon instead of having different motions , as the earth spins on it axis that's what causes the phases of the moon.

this is all WRONG! The Earth is round, not flat!

If the moon moved around the earth faster, while the earth maintained the same rotational speed, the period between spring and neap tides would be less.

It must be airtight and shielded, thus few if any windows, airlocks instead of doors.

No Earth will not be different, Polaris has no effect on the Earth whatsoever.


There are different animals on earth because they are made to do different things on the earth,that is also the way God made them.

The rotation and tilt of the Earth are the reasons why different places on Earth experience seasons at different times.

There are different climates on Earth because different parts of the Earth get different amounts of sunlight. The areas that get the most sunlight have the warmest climates for example.

How is the Moon different from Earth?How are they alike?

The sun is bigger than the earth that is how they are different.

Different objects are at different distance from Earth.

No. If it did, then some people on earth would always see the moon in the sky, andsome other people on earth would never see the moon in their sky. Instead, everybodyon earth sees the moon rise and set, meaning that different parts of the earth are turningto face it.

Since the Earth tilts on an axis, different places both in the northern and southern hemisphere will be facing the sun, so the different places of the earth have the sun in different places, therefore, the different places of the earth have different time zones.

It doesn't affect the earth it helps the earth like instead of throwing it in the trash you use it again.

different latitudes result in different climate zones on earth!

Baseball is the greatest sport on earth.

Yes, it is. We would have completely different weather patterns if the sun was directly opposite the Earth's equatorial line. Instead, we are 'inclined' or 'slanted' at about 23.44 degrees.

Different people take care of different parts of the earth

how is earth different from the othetr inner planets

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