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How would gas get in your oil?


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In most cases I have to ask if your engine has a mechanical fuel pump. If it does then more than likely the diaphragm of the fuel pump has failed and is letting the fuel come in from the point that it is at. If it does not have a mechanical then you have a real serious problem with the fuel delivery system in the engine.

Here's a real quick funny story. I just drained about six quarts of gas, yes gas, from the crankcase of my Suzuki Intruder motorcycle. It ran with the gas in the crankcase (Thank god it didn't explode). But I left the bike sitting with the fuel shut off in the on position. What this did is it allowed fuel fuel to feed into the carbs by gravity. This is not normally a problem unless your floats in your carbs get stuck and allow the fuel to continuously fill the bowls and then overflow into the throat of the carb which overflows into the cylinder which flows past the rings on the piston into the crankcase. Sounds kinda long but it's really pretty basic. All I gotta do is tap the carbs to loosen up the floats so they can rise when the gas enters which in turn will press the needle valve to stop the flow of fuel. But since the bike has been sitting for a while, I might have to pull the carbs and look for some old gas residue build up inside the carbs and clean them up.Sorry if I wrote too much :)

In many cases, raw fuel that is unburned will enter the oil from no start conditions(not fuel related as the cause),mis-fire conditions as well as rich conditions. When there is excessive fuel in the cylinders and it is not burning it will make it's way past the rings and into the oil. In extreme cases, some excess fuel can get pumped out the exhaust valves and make it's way into the converter, causing it to fail.

Haha, no start conditions... it's -40 C and your car is frozen and you forgot to plug 'er in and she won't start... then you crank it, and crank it, and crank it. Then any oil change you do that day ... smells like gas for some reason, lol.


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