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How would life be different without Harriet Tubman?


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February 18, 2011 11:07PM

Harriet Tubman is credited with starting the 'underground' railroad to help free slaves. But there were many others involved as well.

In truth:

Harriet was a slave who in 1844 married John Tubman, a freeman, (formally an indentured servant). She gained permission to marry him from her owners and lived with him in his cabin, but being a slave she had to still serve her master. She told her husband of her dreams of one day gaining her freedom as well. But, he told her that she could never be free. He told her if she tried running away, he would turn her in. She, still understanding freedom escaped. When she returned to Maryland, Harriet went to her husbands cabin. She wanted him to go north with her. What she found was he had taken another wife. But there were others that asked her for help to be free, and she started helping them by explaining which people would help them get to the north and freedom.

Her biggest help to end slavery was with the union army, she became a spy that could easily fit in on the plantations moving freely at night with her experiences traveling back and forth.

She should be best known for helping to end the Civil War early and helping the North, that was losing at the time, to win.

Mrs. Tubman was a great American that helped save lives and shorten a war. without her many more American's would have died and the United States might not be here.