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If you are talking of house electric there would be No lights without Oil lamps, No hot baths without boiling water, No heat without fires, No air conditioning at all, ETC....

No heaters or electric heat, no forced air blowers for gas or oil furnaces or other forms of heating homes, street lights, televisions, electric clocks, neon signs, traffic lights, automated tollbooths. There would be no telephone or electrical poles, nothing would be digital. We wouldn't have much of our scientific equipment, no pumping or drilling equipment, one would only have ice in the winter because there would be no refrigeration, much of our office equipment (copiers, shredders, fax machines, scanners, computers, telephones) would be gone. Most of our medical equipment wouldn't exist. Man would only be able to work during daylight hours. Many of the things we take for granted today would never have been invented without electricity. Much of our production would still be done by hand because the factories that manufacture items wouldn't have assembly lines as they do today. Life would be very difficult!


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Q: How would life be with no electricity?
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What would life be with no electricity?

It would be horrible

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well put it this way without electricity in life one direction would not be famous

How would life be without electricity?


What would you do if there was no electricity?

If there were no electricity life (and all chemical reactions) would be impossible, so I would not even exist to do anything.

Were is electricity used?

Electricity is used almost everywhere in advanced countries. Modern life would be impossible without electricity.

What happened if modern life without electricity?

Modern life would definitely struggle without electricity. This is because modern life has become so adapted to needing electricity to perform daily tasks.

How would your life be like without electricity?

boring, dark

Would life in today's world be better with or without electricity?

if we had no electricity we would not be able to do our homework. or not be able to search work on computers there would not be any

Why is electricity so important to modern people?

Just ask yourself what life would be like without electricity

How does nuclear power help us in daily life?

the nuclear power generates electricity that can help us in our daily lifes, and in this date without electricity life would be almost impossible, because electricity plays an important role in our life.

What is The difference between life with electricity and life without electricity?

It effects your whole life entirely. Instead of using a stove or microwave, you would use an open fire. There would be no TV, video games, etc. You would probaly also shower in a lake LOL.

What if there wasn't any more electricity?

some people would die without electricity. i know i would. We would just live a harder and much more complicated life.

What will happen with no electricity?

At some point in your life you must have lived through a power failure. Without electricity this is what your life would be like year after year. Very inconvenient.

How does electricity affect your life?

Electricity affects your life by making things simpler. Without electricity, people would have to warm their bodies and eat by other means. Without it, you will not be able to cook or or have light and you wont be able to get home.

How would your life be different if fossil fuels were less widely available?

we would not have very much electricity

What do you mix with electricity in Doodle God?

electricity and life maybe electricity and water electricity and stone or rock or earth

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We would use less electricity. We could always use candles.

Disadvantages in life with no electricity?

darkness TV nothing that runs with electricity,

How can electricity save lives?

Electricity runs hospitals. Without electricity, almost all life saving machines wouldn't be able to work. Electricity also runs monitors, X-ray machines, and many other things, that millions would die with out them.

Has food got electricity in it?

No why would it have electricity in it . If it did we would be shocked when we ate it!

What would life be like do not give you did not understand how to use electricity in home?

Your life would be more hazardous if you did not know the need for care with electricity.e.g. you should not immerse an electrical plug in water. You should not touch bare wires that are electrified. You should not overload a multi-plug adaptor.

What is the effect of electricity on life?

the effect of electricity on life....hhmmm...well... if we didnt have electricity...then no PSP'S, PS2/3's, T.V's,computers,hairdryers,D.S's,mobiles....BASICALLY IF WE DIDNT HAVE ELECTRICITY WE'D BE TOAST!